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Thread: Chapter 10.5: A note of warning

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    Default Chapter 10.5: A note of warning

    August 13
    With the group well provisioned, they agree to help Vortigern try to retrieve a divine item of Reorx. Brandon had used the planar focus to narrow down the search for whatever the ancient dwarf Rodrick Redbeard had sought. He assumed it to be the Hammer of Reorx, but it was a bit vague on what Rodrick had sought many years ago.

    As they prepared to depart, Brandon made sure that Silvart’s parents were well reimbursed, paying them considerably more than what two nights at a very modest inn would normally cost. He receives a big hug from Silvart’s mom in return, and he closes his eyes envisioning it was Silvart rather than her mother.

    Hrothgar arrives with a new set of bracers of defense. The others assume that is why the plainsman is smiling broadly, as they knew little of what transpired the night before on the front lawn of the Balanced Scales with Vellona. If they had stayed in town longer, certainly they would have heard since at least twenty people saw Vellona thanking Hrothgar properly.

    Kalthanar looks troubled, having used the magic scroll to locate the brother to the Queen of Scales – the co-conspirator in Queen Alithia’s murder. Much to his dismay, the amulet that Sekith had once held now resided somewhere in Etoile. Although elves don’t generally sleep much anyway, Kalthanar had a hard time getting any rest while his mind went may directions trying to decipher what to make of this new information.

    Vortigern was relieved to attempt to finally make some progress on what mattered most to him: Reorx. Not being much for religion at one time, he had found the mysterious text and the holy symbol to Reorx in some long forgotten damnable place after falling into a well and being transported somewhere by magic. Ever since then, he was a formidable priest of Reorx, the Maker. Although he had humble beginnings, by now he had won considerable favor with his deity.

    Rian had several Golden Gauntlet members salute him as he rode out of town. The paladin’s generosity to the fallen as well as his battle prowess were becoming well known and respected throughout the realm.

    The ride itself was largely uneventful and boring. The weather varied but being summertime, it was mostly varied levels of heat. Kalthanar finds little in the way of threats in the mostly large open plains. He finds mostly animal traps without a single set of humanoid tracks, possibly due to lack of rain. The only excitement during the first week was on the second night, Vortigern’s curse manifest again, disturbing everyone’s night for about an hour before abating harmlessly as best they could tell. Other than being thoroughly fatigued the next day, there seemed to be no long term ill effects from… whatever it was.

    As the ride progresses, Brandon feels an increasing ominous presence. At first he thinks it’s Asgar, but while he’s still not sure exactly who or what Asgar is exactly, Asgar has never felt this dark before. The presence is worst at night, but Brandon can’t put his finger on exactly what it is.

    A week into their journey, the group spots the Spire River to their left. Almost immediately, on the other (north) side of the bank, they find the first signs of civilization since leaving Xanthar – a stone walkway along then north side of the river. The walkway has clearly seen better days, as everything around it has seen better days. It runs north and south and leads from the north side of the river over the hill out of view. If the Sentinels were to gross the 300’ wide river at this point, they could have explored where the walkway leads. The group is focused on another task though, and opts not to investigate further.

    At this segment of the Spire River, it looks fairly peaceful as it flows east to west at a moderate rate of speed. Touching it reveals the water to be cold, but not freezing. Further up in the mountains, it would probably be ice cold.
    Over the next two days of travel, terrain becomes far more rugged, and the Spire River becomes less navigable. The first waterfalls begin to appear, but most are too small to be strongly considered as options. Two are around 10’ tall and have to be explored, but a thoroughly drenched Vortigern is sure that neither leads to anything other than rocks. As the group comes to a fork in the river – one continuing mostly due east, and another large fork coming from the south east.
    At this point, Vortigern prays for a divination miracle to determine the best path forward as they advance. In praying a short omen to search again for where Rodrick Redbeard was destined, Vortigern feels a strong inclination to head on the eastern path. Vortigern thanks Reorx and again motions the horses forward.

    During the last night, Vortigern’s curse flairs up again, leaving him tired and rundown for the next day, but thankfully nothing finds them again in the whipping wind that seems to call his name.

    August 24

    The last day is a mixture of light rain and mostly overcast. The group finds another 15’ tall waterfall as they continue to ascend up into the mountains, but it again leads to nothing. Around midday as the horses begin to struggle with the wet, rainy footing, a large 30’ waterfall is found where two main branches of the river come together. Vortigern descends from his horse and excitedly tries to get behind the waterfall on one side. After a few minutes of trying, the dwarf disappears from view.

    Behind the waterfall, Vort finds a 15 foot diameter passageway that was clearly constructed. His heart skips a beat as this place looks strangely familiar. After moving forward, passes a large snake, huddled among the rocks. As he moves forward another 20’ the passageway dead ends into a door with a note on it. He doesn’t need to read the note to know what it says. He mumbles aloud, "Warning: deadly undead inside".
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    Having seen Vortigern's curse in action several times now Kalthanar reflects upon it.

    OOC: Trying to figure out how the curse works exactly.

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    Vortigern returns to the group and says, "This is the place! My warning sign is still on the outside of it, and I don't doubt that there are a bunch of undead inside too. Let us setup our marching order," he says as he pulls out his holy symbol of Reorx from underneath his breastplate--it's continual flame prayer upon it lighting up the area. With it hanging on his chest, he unslings and readies Vera with a silver bolt and asks the others, "Bless before we go in through the door, or wait until after we're inside?"
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    “What kind of door? Locked? What is on the immediate other side of it?” asks Kalthanar.

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    Brandon casts See Invisible on himself. “I’ll stay near the middle of the group with Kal and Vort behind me. Rian and Hrothgar up front?” he asks.

    OOC: Upom further review, See Invisible has a range of self which means it cannot be twinned. Sorry Kal.
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    Kalthanar thinks about Vortigern's condition a bit. He had never heard of anything remotely like it before. He was able to animate dead against his own will, while most people had to study for years to do so. Undead that he creates are not fully under his own control. Even talking with Creathin's head gave longer answers than the spell would normally allow, which may or may not be related to necromancy. The stoic dwarf had never been overly forthcoming to Kalthanar about what happened to start the process, and it's possible that the dwarf doesn't even fully understand it. Having said that, Kalthanar can only assume that he is under some powerful undead curse, the likes of which Kalthanar has never heard of. The other possibility that comes to mind is that Vortigern himself is undead.

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    "I am going to struggle to see if its in complete darkness so are there objections to lighting torches, or are we hoping to pass by without notice?"
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    The door in question was about 5 feet tall by about 4 feet wide and made of iron. It was carefully fitted to the wall and swung away from the group, into the area beyond. It was obviously designed with defense in mind. It was presently closed.

    Vortigern can remember little of fleeing in a rush followed by being poisoned by a snake immediately after emerging from the depths. He does remember ascending some stairs on the way out though. How many is a blur, but since he recalls being out of breath while trying to save his dwarven ass, he can only assume that there were more than 10 stairs beyond the door.

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