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    Kalthanar and Brandon request an audience with Kyricus. When he is available to speak Kalthanar explains that the Sentinels have learned that the missing Tower of High Sorcery in the Burrows was transported to the plane of Limbo. “We hope you could spare some insight into this outer plane?”

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    Kyricus thinks for a few minutes. He says, "Limbo. I've heard of the plane, but as you might expect, I have no first hand knowledge of it."

    He adds, "What I'm about to tell you is what I read. I can't validate it, and it could be a complete lie. With that in mind I believe that Limbo is an immense, perhaps endless world of... pure chaos. Parts are habitable, and parts are nothing more than pockets of fire, ice, and such. Gravity doesn't always function there or function fully at least, but in some places it does. I don't know what magic could have linked the tower to Limbo, if it is, but I don't know a lot about it. I can search some texts on it, but I can't even remember which text I found that had the information in it at this point. Whatever book I found the information in was only a brief description, I'm sure."

    He pauses and says, "I have no idea what kind of magic it would take to move a Tower to another plane of existence, but it would have to be immense, regardless of the plane. To be honest, the Sentinels probably have more planar knowledge than anyone that I know. Perhaps the Tower in Etoile would have a tad more information as they tend to live longer than those that live in this tower, as our primary race here is human. Regadless, I wouldn't hold your breath on getting too much useful information on the planes. I doubt that there are many on Therris that have knowledge of them or have ever been to one. You'd mostly be hearing speculation, and I'd hate to lead you astray."
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    Kalthanar nods, "We appreciate the assistance. I did not expect to learn much but anything could help. Switching subjects do you know where and how Awyn Newday, the leader of the white robes during the First Grear War, went missing?"

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    Kyricus smiles at the name of Awyn. He replies, "Awyn is a name that is legend around here. Few were alive when he was around, and tales are mixed on what happened to him. We believe that he was last seen alive though within this Tower. What happened to him is speculation, but divination type magic has been used for years, unsuccessfully, to figure out his fate. To complicate things, he had a high level of magic, more than I myself command. He could have simply teleported somewhere unknown and potentially died there as well. I myself have attempted to gain information regarding him. Whatever happened to him is a great mystery."

    He tries to understand what Brandon is saying, being unfamiliar with the name Vud, and then he suddenly understands. He motions him to the side away from Kalthanar and converses quietly with him, "We generally avoid speaking openly about our hosts. If word spread about them, I'm not sure Xanthar would be thrilled. Having said that, the rooms in this Tower aren't exactly linear. Even if we try to reach and area where their awakened members reside, we generally cannot. Occasionally, they approach the leaders of the Tower, but that is very rare. So, we have no way to ask it, him, or them directly."

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    Kyricus replies quietly, "Definitely our hosts. They knew the Gods of magic, and built these Towers as I understand it as a place for mutual cooperation of magic. I personally believe with their stasis chambers and working as one, many if not all of them are millennia old."

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    He quietly replies, "It's possible, but the only recent meeting that I had with them involved one approaching me in my quarters to tell me that someone was approaching through the burning portal. When they need something, they seek us. Unfortunately, I have never seen it work the other way."


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