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Thread: Chapter 10: Alyssa departs

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    As lunch is finishing up, Alyssa takes a minute to tell the remaining others, primarily Kalthanar, that she is bound for Alliance. She absently strokes Flag's feathers as she relays this information. She hesitates a minute and then looks at Kalthanar. Her voice is troubled as she states, "You should seek out Tanelia, from" she almost states 'our' house, but catches herself. She continues, "House Elanthil. While time is not pressing, when you see her, I have an urgent delivery that I would ask you to relay to her regarding my health. Tell her that while I am well, many patients that I look after are in danger of falling ill as I once had. The illness is a new one that Therris hasn't seen before, and that I'm sending you to her in my place to find a cure."

    Having been around Alyssa for years of training, he understands the hidden meaning in her words.

    *** Thieves cant: Seek Tanelia and explain about Cegilune to understand what this means for Therris.

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    Kalthanar nods, “I will do so. Fair travels.”


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