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Thread: PBP interest check

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    agree with Tiger, +3 lvl is probably the new starter lvl most people wish to start at.

    But its up to you ofcourse

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    I am fine with level 3, roll hp second and third levels, choose to roll stats either 3d6 reroll 1 and 2 or 4d6 best three. Main book plus book with bloodrager swashbuckler etc. Anything outside mainstream that I can’t look up on the d20pfsrd is out. Got 1 vote for mercs in zombie apocalypse so far.

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    I firmly believe you'll have more interested applications than you have room for. Especially when I spread the word about it on the discord server.
    The last game was abandoned by the dm after maybe three or four posts so everybody will be very eager to re-submit the chars they put so much effort in and didn't get to play.
    So, you can when you're ready and have chosen a campaign feel free to make up a recruitment thread.
    - Executor Divine Katharina Durmond - Rise of the Runelords
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    - Tycho Boughbreaker - Fall of Melior

    - Against the Shadow - Pathfinder Midnight campaign
    - Chronicles of Misthaven - Pathfinder Homebrew campaign

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    I apologize for delay in posting the game recruit thread. RL got in the way. Will get up this week. Thanks.

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