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Thread: Chapter 55 Lair of the Worm

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    With a stroke of luck, due to him not being dead, Cormack is able to use his cantrip of Prestidigitation and completely clean the group of any and all traces of poop, better perhaps better than bathing. With the group and the gems completely poop free thanks to Cormack, they are ready to move on.

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    Althir pats Cormack on the back, "Great idea for getting rid of the stench and all." The warlock says, "Let's return to town and get the means of recovering the true desires of Walden and Axar."
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    Cormack says, "It was no trouble.

    "Though, do we wish to retrieve the books? I have little love for warded tomes, but usually, if there's something worth guarding like that it's worth having. I have a scroll that will create a table of sorts we can carry them out on; it will last about an hour.

    Worth the effort now or do you hope to retrieve them later? I can't imagine leaving them."

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    Axar says, "Let's check for this heart item first if that's okay. I'm afraid that the demon will return while we're away."

    He studies the caverns, wondering if he can collapse the ceiling in the worm tunnels or the civilized area to prevent the demons from having access to the halfling village.

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    Althir said, "I'm read to explore more. I'm unsure if we want to get the books after exploring or when we return to transfer the liquid treasure."
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    Zavros throws his shovel over a shoulder, "We would be fools to leave until we have searched the place thoroughly."

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    "The More the Merrier" pipes up Ivar.
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    Looking about, Axar thinks it would take a week of hard work to collapse the tunnel.

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    Walden thanks Cormack profusely, but deep down he feels unclean. After a childhood of cleaning using water and lots of scrubbing, magical cleaning just doesn't feel the same to him.

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