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Thread: Chapter 54 The Long Rest Goodbye

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    With the discussion of the sword going nowhere, Axar and Althir head back through the underdark and keep a wary eye out for any dangers. Both feel like they're being watched, but see nothing following them. When they approach the area of the bear, Axar spends a long ten minutes to attune the the animals spirits around him, but it is not needed as it's later in the day and the bear does not seem to be in it's den area.

    Luckily the pair find that the horses haven't been molested and quickly take them back to town, past the chapel of Bramsun. They see lights inside and a somber sermon being said about hardship and other things, but they waste no time and head back to town. There they secure stabling for all the horses and make small chitchat with the stable owner, but not letting him on to what was happening in the demilich lair.

    That accomplished, the pair head back to the rest of the group, bypassing the chapel and bear and rejoin the rest of the group in the small locked study room.

    Long hours pass by as the room becomes rather odorous from the lone urine basin taken from the other room nearby.

    After some time had passed, the group was fully rested and figured it was some time about 6am in the morning.

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    Zavros stretches, “Final chamber first?”

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    Axar says, "Let's drop the wall of force and check out the last room first. I just don't like the idea of disturbing Ashoman's final resting spot unless we have to. Sully and I leading the way?"

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    Assembling into a defensive marching order, the Moonlit Swords head back to the bust room, press the two eyes on the bust Sully has been carrying around, and then walk down the long hallway to it's end whereupon it turns left into a larger well, but oddly lit, room. Axar and Sully are first to see and be seen. The room is large and has a large magic circle surrounding a smaller central magic circle. There is a black scorched, winged male figure, with it's back turned to the pair and as it turns and looks over it's shoulder, it speaks dryly--it's voice dripping with sarcasm, "Well, two little ones. I expected something, bigger." Beyond the figure was a dias with the word, Moloch, engraved into the front of it and beyond is a huge red idol holding a brazier--it's flame burning low. "Straight to battle or shall we talk?" The figure turns fully to face the pair.
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    As Walden follows 30' behind Sully and Axar, he can tell that they must have found something unusual. He wants to rush forwards, but he already realizes that rusing ahead wasn't part of the plan. So instead he keeps his distance and tries to figure out what's happening.

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    Walden is pretty sure he hears something or someone in a deep voice talking, but isn't sure what he's saying--only that it is not Sully or Axar saying it.

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    Axar's voice is loud, trying to make himself heard to the others behind him. "Talking before battle is like foreplay before some kinky sex. Almost as good as the real thing if you do it right."

    He asks, "What have you done to Ashoman's tomb? Do you have something to do with the Tenth Seal or the One Edict?"
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