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Thread: Chapter 55 Lair of the Worm

  1. Default Chapter 55 Lair of the Worm

    Axar nears the rough area of the purple worm fight. Upon arriving there, he delicately places the sack of paladin bones against one wall, as well as the bag of armor. He then tells the others, "I'm gonna commune with the almighty wolf totem if this goes well and better understand the area." With that he begins kneeling. He reaches for his aleskin, because everything goes better with ale, especially barbarian rituals. After a long swig, he closes his yellow eyes and begins trying to commune with nature.

    What seems like a long time in this place of dim light and faint echoes of dripping water from the roof of the cavern, Axar is able to commune with nature.

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    Axar opens his eyes. Appearing before the group is a transparent wolf emerges from the shadows and advances to meet the kneeling barbarian. Axar turns to the creature and bows his head to it. He addresses it, "Great and powerful wolf that guides my pack to victory, please aid us in understanding the surrounding area. Please help us understand if there are any valuable gems or minerals in the surrounding area. Also, please let us know if there are any demons in the surrounding area. Lastly, are there any undead in the nearby area?"

    With his three questions asked, Axar falls silent.

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    The wolf comes closer, it's fetid breath heavy upon Axar as it answers, "It was wise of you, stone born, to call upon me. Not far from me, past the mine entrance in a cavern to the north lay the remnants of the spoils the Worm could not digest. No demons or undead infest this area, currently." The wolf lifts it's head, howls and fades away.

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    Axar rises slowly. That was the first time he had ever attempted that ritual before, and it felt odd. Although he was trying to use his totem abilities more, this was the first time that he had actually succeeded at help the group. The bear and birds didn't pan out as well as expected. He relays the information to the others and begins gathering his belongings, including the long dead dude. He makes sure that everyone is ready to follow him back to the mine entrance as instructed.

    OOC: pausing if anyone has any other ideas.

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    Althir says, "Before you pack up Ashoman, let me cast Gentle Repose on him so his bones are protected somewhat."

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    Hildegard knows that at this point, Gentle Repose will have no effect.

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    Althir sets the phylactery up about 100 feet from the party and invokes an Eldritch Blast to destroy the home of the demi-lich.

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    With two solid eldritch blasts, Althir destroys the Phylactery. Everyone feels a noticeable burden lifted from them as the spell is broken.

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    Althir says, "Let's proceed to the lair of the worm."

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    Under the lead of Althir, the group heads out to the opening of the mine entrance and see across the way another mine entrance that seems to be caved in. In this open area under the sky, there is a small storage building and a small cabin where it looked like the Sock wearer was living before he was killed.

    Clearing the rubble away from the other mine entrance, the smell that wafts out is vile. Shivers run down Axar's back as he remembers the Troll cesspool that he had fallen into--breaking through the hard crust that lay on it's surface. With the stream of light coming it, glitters of gems dazzle in the dark, embedded in the enormous mound of worm shit.

    ooc: it will take 8 man hours to go through the mound of worm poop. If 8 people contribute to clearing it, it'll take an hour. It does require a DC12 Con save to work in the poop.
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