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Thread: Chapter 9.9: The Return of the Miser

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    "No problem there, Miser," Vort said, drinking more of the man's wine. "I prefer getting my magic the old fashioned way, killing and screaming bloody murder as I rip the innards out of whatever tries to hurt me and mine." Giving him a wink, Vort pours more wine.

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    Kalthanar turns back to the Miser, “So how many islands make up the kingdom of Xanthar?”

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    "Islands?" Vort says quizzically, his speech starting to slur slightly. "I thought Xanthar was just a city, a big'un, but just a city." Looking to the Miser, "Are any of these islands for sale? I've always wanted to own an island."

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    While most of the Sentinels talk to the Miser about Xanthar's islands, Brandon leads Silvart outside the fort and into the forest. They stroll for a time, and Brandon asks her how she likes working with Boden's group and how her parents are doing. Once he finds a good spot, preferably by a creek or other running water, he stops and sets up camp. Brandon and Silvart spend the night in each other's arms under the stars and make their way back to the fort in the morning.

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    The Miser replies, "Six main isles with small villages on them ranging from a day to two weeks of travel away. If you count smaller, lesser inhabited or unfriendly inhabited isles, dozens to perhaps a hundred in that same area. They are all part of the greater Xanthar ruling area, and with that they look to Xanthar to help police them and keep the dangers of the sea away. That is why the Golden Gauntlet is stretched so thin. I would say that one third of our fleet of around 100 ships is unaccounted for or known to be sunk in the last several months. People are either cursing Zeboim or flocking to her to seek her protection."

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    “What took a third of your ships?” wonders Kalthanar. “Pirates?”

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    The Miser replies, "Possibly some, but not traditional pirates. We don't know in all cases, but sea elves, dimernesti they call themselves, are probably the largest threat. They serve Zeboim, the sea goddess. They are highly intelligent and have some very well built boats, sometimes command water elementals and are generally a nuisance. The only reason that they aren't normally much of a threat is that there are several tribes, and they work independently. We think. Whatever the truth is, they are far more coordinated and focused recently. There are also tales of sea monsters, but at this point, I am thinking that those are largely fairy tales from some understandably nervous sailors."

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