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Thread: Chapter 9.6: Pen Pals

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    "Whether it resides in Rhagmur or has been destroyed, there is nothing we can do about it now, not until we get more powerful," interjected Vortigern. "We should use the questions to determine where the divine item I search for lay upon the Spire River."

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    “You are very certain of what we can and cannot do,” replies Kalthanar. “Look what we just accomplished. Are not some of your kin outside of the city? We could meet with them and learn what they know.”

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    "You also wanted to charge the fort early on and that would have resulted in getting us all killed," Vort retorted, "So yeah, I think I'm a better judge of what we can and cannot do. It isn't all just charge charge charge and hope that we win because of some misplaced delusion of destiny or some shit."

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    “You have it all figured out then,” answers Kalthanar. “The consequences are yours alone.”

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    "Gods forbid we should all be in this together," remarks Vort. "If it is a requirement of yours to proceed on an action by laying the blame on someone, I'll take it every time. I'd rather jump in a save a man from drowning, then converse about who should go in, what to take off so as not to drown yourself, then take a vote on who goes in. Every fuckin' time."

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    “You are doing the exact opposite,” replies Kalthanar. “Your people are dying and you would prefer to travel in the opposite direction. You will return to a tomb. If you were not so stubborn you would see the wisdom in my words.” He crosses his arms, “I have said my piece. I will let the others speak. Perhaps they can talk some sense into you.”

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    "Sense I have, which I have proven time and time again," Vort replied, letting the conversation die.

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    Once the bitter married couple are finished, Brandon pipes up, “Now that you ladies are done, we are on the clock. I’ll go first: ‘If we enter the magic closet and close the door behind us, will we be able to open the doorknob from the other side and access the Tower of Sorcery that was once located in the Burrows before we run out of air or otherwise die from starvation or dehydration, or do we have to wait a week to use the doorknob again, even from inside the closet?’” he asks the demigod whose attention he grabbed.

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    As the ingredients are consumed, Brandon feels the paranormal presence of someone or something from beyond. After asking his question, several seconds pass, and the group begins to look at each other. Eventually, a short response comes back to Brandon in a somewhat creepy voice that says only, "Safe."

    OOC: that was one hell of a question. Keep in mind that responses have to be brief.
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