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Thread: Chapter 9.6: Pen Pals

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    Kalthanar clutched his chest. He hoped to meet Elantra one day. She was a contemporary of Alithia - the greatest heroine to ever live.

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    "Our shit better be there, or something to replace them," remarked Vortigern, "Or I'll... do nothing really. Maybe write a very terse letter with a drawing of a penis on it, yeah, something like that."

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    Kalthanar chuckles, “Nothing worse than a sternly worded letter.”

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    The Sentinels gather around as Brandon presses the doorknob against a crude wooden wall of the fort. After a few seconds, a door appears and Brandon opens it.

    Inside the door are the same contents as before - the planar focus remains intact. Where the Sentinels had left a note for the former inhabitants of the Tower that they know was once linked to the room, there is a reply note.

    The writing is hasty and sloppy, but legible. It reads:

    The Sentinels of Alliance,
    Thank you for leaving a detailed note about the nature of what was left here. Shamix and I, Veril, along with several others are caught in some twisted version of the Tower. The doors rarely obey our commands, and when they do we rarely like what we find behind them. Jameson activated an orb to defend the tower, and was apparently unable to control it, as it took us somewhere - our best guess is a small pocket in Limbo. Regardless, we need advantage we can get to escape this time warped death trap. While we would like to return your items, we could certainly use your assistance with freeing us from our predicament. We have studied the door carefully, and believe that if you have the doorknob and close the door behind you, sealing yourself into this room, you can reopen it from the inside to where we are. Please help us!

    Veril of the White Robes
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    Kalthanar nods, “Certainly, we should use the focus. I would like to assist those trapped in the tower after we deal with Vortigern’s quest.”

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    "Was Veril actually a white robe?" asks Vort.

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    "Is Elantra Grovetender still alive?" asks Kalthanar.

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    "Who is that?" asks Vortigern.

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