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Thread: Chapter 10.2 Queen Alithia's Amulet

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    Kalthanar pays his negotiated sum of gold and descends alongside Ishira to the Balanced Scales vault. When the glass protection has been removed he approaches the dais holding the magical map and whispers, "Where are you betrayer?" He picks up a quill and carefully writes Queen Alithia's True Courage Amulet on the parchment.

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    Kalthanar looks at the ancient paper approximately 2 feet X 2 feet, yellow with age. The map is surprisingly detailed, and at times almost seems to shift before his eyes - or perhaps it is just his imagination. For as old as it is, he wonders how it is so accurate. He clearly sees the various kingdoms including Alliance, the Burrows, the various tribes of Mistmoor, Rhagmur, Xanthar, and of course Etoile.

    After writing the name on the last line available in the upper right hand corner. After doing so, his eyes dart all over the map searching for which dungeon, crypt, or hidden area hides what he seeks. He is almost ready to declare fraud, when he notices that the location has appeared, but in an unlikely spot. Kalthanar stares in disbelief: the amulet that he seeks is presently in Etoile.

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    Kalthanar starts speaking aloud, “A disguise? Shapechange? How has he kept his identity hidden?”


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