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Thread: Chapter 9.5 A Talk with Creathin

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    Vort nodded and relayed the question.

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    Creathin stares blankly at Vortigern, completely not understanding the question. Whatever connection the strange stone figures had that Creathin was using, he obviously didn't fully understand their origins.

    He finally replies, "If a disappearance of a Lion Clan in Mistmoor would cause any of you pain, I only regret that I had nothing to do with it."

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    Vort nodded and asked his own question, "What do you know about the attack on Rhagmur?"

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    Creathin's talkative nature continues as he replies, "Morgion was tasked with poisoning the already insignificant dwarves to weaken the further. Given their natural weak nature plus the poison, anything could probably wipe them out, but I know of no direct attack."

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    Asking the last question, "If the Sentinels hadn't so brilliantly found and killed you, what was your next plan of action?"

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    Hrothgar contemplates the answer to his question. He considers that perhaps he did not ask it correctly... he will try again next time. Clearly convinced that Creathin had to have something to do with the Lions simply because he had those Urns.
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    As if in pain at being reminded of his own death, Creathin resists the command miracle an astounding three consecutive times from Vortigern. He laughs and curses at the dwarf, hurling insults at him at each available opportunity.

    Finally the fourth time, Reorx's miracle compels him to answer, "Beside increasing my own skill in necromancy, I would do whatever the High Priestess compelled me to do in order to restore Nuitari to the world and receive his powerful blessing!"

    With that the head goes silent, as the spell has come to an end.
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    Vortigern pats Creathin on the head and says, "Good boy, thank you for giving up your secrets to your new master. There will be many more to come before I am through with you." Vort places Gentle Repose on the skull, puts him back into his metal box and then back into his backpack.

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