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Thread: Chapter 9.5 A Talk with Creathin

  1. Default Chapter 9.5 A Talk with Creathin

    The next day came with new vigor for the War Priest, as he set about the task of interrogating Creathin. Thanks to his Gentle Repose, the mage was still in good enough shape to start talking. Seeking Guidance from Reorx, then praying for Zone of Truth and readying his Command prayer to force the creature to speak, Vort quietly off to one corner--with the rest of the Sentinels that wish to attend, starts the line of interrogation.

    "Alright guys, what questions do you have?"

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    Kalthanar asks, “What are the powers of the circlet taken from Hagar?”
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    "Really?" asks Vort. "Okay," then Vort repeats the question to Creathin--using Command if necessary under the power of the Zone of Truth.

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    Default Chapter 9.5 A Talk with Creathin

    Creathin was an asshole in life, and is no different in death. He looks at Vort and at recognizing him sneers at the him.

    Not wanting to take chances, Vort calls on Reorx to make a zone of truth. Creathinís head though resists the first casting causing the dead mage to laugh. He adds, "Eat shit, dwarf." Vortigern is surprised at how animated the head is exactly, and wonders if this is normal for a miracle that he has never used before.

    The second zone of truth is successful, causing Creathin to sneer at Vortigern.

    At being asked of the circlet, he is again uncooperative, but after a successful command spell compelling him to answer replies, "I do not know the powers, only that it pertains to divine items." Creathinís head seems highly dissatisfied to be cooperating and throws in an additional "You and your God are worthless, dwarf" at no extra charge.

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    Kalthanar ignores the vulgar language, “What happened to the Tickler?”

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    Vort relays Kal's next question, reminding him there were only three questions left, then looks to the rest if they have any questions.

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    Creathin smirks as he replies, "The High Priestess had it sent below to one of the Higher Temples for safekeeping, you insignificant piss-ant."

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    Looking to Hrothgar, "Hey H, you had a question a while back, about mistmoorians or some such, right?" Creathins insults were not getting to Vortigern--why get mad over a skull that was dead and going back into a box, a slave to his master Vortigern.

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    Kalthanar shakes his head and smirks. Creathin and Vortigern were kindred spirits.

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    "Yes, er lets start with...."

    "How is he related to the disappearance of the Lion Clan of Mistmoor"
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