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Thread: Recruiting; Falling Idols

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    Default Recruiting; Falling Idols

    Above the city of olympia, you see the city on fire, screams filling the streets, men shouting, woman fleeing in fear, children abandoned to the flames. You are drawn to the temple of the gods. Magnificent alters stand to each of the twelve gods, you are in awe of them, but as you look up you see spider webs cross the statues, they crack and crumble, falling to the ground a pile of dust, ash and ruin. you face feels wet as you watch the end of the world as you know it......

    Dreams have been haunting you for months, you followed your dreams to Apollo's patron city, Heliopolis. there you were met with dreams of an athenian hoplite dashing through the streets, his burning eyes something you will never forget. then your dream becomes real, you see the hoplite in the waking world running past you, and you know the gods have brought you here for a purpose

    recruiting players for my DND 3.5 game. the game is set in a greek/roman world where the gods are a serious part of day to day life (even if they try not to effect the world too directly)

    I currently have two active players with a third who will be joining in the next scene of the game
    1 fighter
    1 bard
    1 cleric (summoning focused)

    anything in the corebooks is free game, except for wizards. Bards and sorcerers are great alternatives.

    most things outside of the core rule books will be allowed, but I need to look at them and authorize it first. anything from "Tomb of Battle" is going to be turned down

    there are 12 city states in the world of helenus, each correlating to one of the major gods
    Athens - Athena
    Sparta - Ares
    Heliopolis - Apollo
    Atlantis - poseidon
    Ephesus - Artemis
    Corinth - Aphrodite
    Olympia - Zeus
    Argos - Hera
    Hephaestus - Lemnos
    Styx - Hades
    Thebes - Dionysus
    Rhodes - Demeter

    you can be from any of the city states except for styx. however you can worship any god in any city state. You want to be from Athens, but worship Ares? power to you. if you want to be a disciple of hades even if you aren't from his city state? you are free to do so

    all core rulebook species exist in this world

    posting tends to be about twice a week, more when I have lots of free time, less when I am traveling or have a lot of work

    I am going to try and cap the number of recruits to 4

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    a few more notes on character creation

    38 point buy
    flaws are allowed
    starting at level 3

    please feel free to ask questions
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    Would you accept newish players? Who may ask lots of questions.

    Also what starting level is it?


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    I have no problem taking on new players! between me and the other players we should be able to answer all your questions

    starting level is 3

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    Cool thanks. Just trying to put a character sheet together. Not much experience starting at level 3

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    Is this game still open?
    I d love to play. I m Greek and I m quite familiar with mythology. I digested a 20tome encyclopedia when I was young. I never had the chance to play a olympian RPG.
    If I m chosen I ll play a Ranger/rogue or a monk that will not be oriental but pagration/boxing based like Pollux

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    Yes! It is still open. Sorry for the late reply. GM is currently traveling. I can try to answer questions though.

    I'm the bard, by the way.
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    thanks for the reply. My final thought is to roll a druid. Should I write a backstory? how long and how to generate stats?

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    Stats are 38 point buy. As for backstory, I don't think it has to be all that long. Just enough to give GT an idea of what he's working with.

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    Is it too late to join?
    I'm new to the site, but an old hand at 3.5
    I was thinking of putting together a dedicated tank.

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