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    Default Player Actions Thread

    Hello, Faerie Seekers! I am creating this thread to collect declared actions by players in order to improve management of gameplay and improve turnaround.

    Please continue to use Panic Station (the OOC thread) as usual, but when you have an action you are declaring, please also copy it here. If it includes dice rolls, you may use either thread and simply report the results in the other one, as long as the actual roll can still be referenced.
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    Hi Equinoche,

    I'm happy to support this change, but I don't quite understand when I should be using this thread vs. using the other thread. I'll stay tuned to see if I can figure it out.

    Ariellana, Noxias, and everybody in July.

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    Do I just copy it over for easy reference?

    Like the below?
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    Ariellana, Noxias, and everybody in July.

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    COMBAT ROUND #7 Declarations

    Nox does not see any reason to move unless Joizy becomes incapacitated, and he will continue to attack the Unknown Assailant.

    Fire Warrior Melee vs Reflex - (1d20+11) [12] Fire - (1d8+7) [14]
    Nox will withdraw a vial of Ghoststrike Oil and give it to someone (can anyone use it?), probably next round.
    Nox will potentially move to the ally that could use the Ghoststrike Oil
    Ariellana, Noxias, and everybody in July.

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    Combat Round 7 - Mar'ro

    Yea, I think I wanna keep wailing on this Unknown Assailant since they've taken so much damage and because there are so many PCs between Mar'ro and the Gargoyle/Joizy.

    If we need to keep Joizy alive, we can toss them a heal or two as well - nothing in the rulebook prevents us from healing an enemy if we wanted, right?

    Standard Action - Close to the Kill - Attack - WIS v REF - (1d20+15) [29] (+13 base, +2 against prone targets)
    Damage - (1d12+7) [13]

    IF HIT - Free Action - Gauntlets of Ogre Power - Daily Action - When you hit with a melee attack, add +5 damage.
    IF KILLED - Gain temporary hit points equal to one half your level (5) plus your constitution modifier (Primal Guardian) (3) - 8 temp HP

    Minor Action - Insight Check - Possible predict who the gargoyle will attack next? - Insight or Perception - (1d20+14) [22]

    Minor Action - Perception Check - How much HP does Mr. Gargoyle have? - Perception or Insight - (1d20+14) [31]
    Mar'ro- The Unquiet Lands
    Dwemmek Dwerrowfade - World of Chaldera
    Softhands - Curse of the Crimson Throne
    Fin "Cur" Forestson - Beyond Drachenward
    Qadan Yul - Arcanis

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    Quote Originally Posted by atlastrembles View Post
    nothing in the rulebook prevents us from healing an enemy if we wanted, right?
    Based on what Umi had said earlier (when we wanted to try to teleport Joizy), I think the problem is that most healing spells target "allies," which means the target has to allow it. So her delusions make things extra difficult! -_-

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    Yes, just repost your actions here so we have a player moves log without extraneous info. This is looking pretty good so far!

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    Here's what I got, as far as consolidating goes. I can always edit this post, but I'm not sure if I can give you access to edit it? Or if Umi should, etc? I suppose you could always copy-paste, add to it, then delete this one or something...
    Also I need to figure out the code to indent text on this thing.

    Round 5 Summary:

    * Round 6 Player Actions:

    Noxias . Initiative 27
    *Fire Warrior attacks Unknown Assailant
    12 vs. Reflex (14 if UA is prone?). 14 fire damage.
    *Withdraw vial of Ghoststrike Oil.
    *Move towards ally who wants Ghoststrike Oil (if possible)
    Saving Throw: 20 (nice).
    Extra roll if needed: 18.

    Rampart . Initiative 18
    Delaying until Initiative Count 14
    (planning on charging Joizy if UA drops. Otherwise just Grappling Strike UA again)

    Khlarissa . Initiative 16
    * Planned to shoot at Ghoulish Corpse but he is no longer a valid target.
    Khlarissa has a Standard, Move, and Minor action remaining.

    Mar’ro . Initiative 14
    *Attacks Unknown Assailant with Close To The Kill.
    29 vs. Reflex. 13 damage + 5 (see below) = 18 damage total.
    *Free action: Daily. Gauntlets of Ogre Power = +5 damage.
    If Unknown Assailant is killed, Mar’ro gains 8 temp HP.
    *Insight check = 22, to see who the Gargoyle might attack.
    *Perception check = 31 to estimate Gargoyle’s HP.

    Threnody . Initiative 14
    Threnody has a Standard, Move, and Minor action remaining.

    Elunnia . Initiative 14
    Elunnia has a Standard, Move, and Minor action remaining.


    Ob Emthaug
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    Elunnia's actions:

    Minor Action:
    Elunnia invokes Healing Spirit and spends a healing surge on herself. Threnody will receive 2d6 (+2d10 from The Great Talisman) healing from being next to yShekka, Noxias will also gain 2d6 (+2d10 from The Great Talisman) from Ob Emthaug.
    Healing Spirit Threnody - (2d6+2d20) [33]
    Healing Spirit Noxias - (2d6+2d20) [38]

    Move Action:
    yShekka moves 1S adjacent to Joizy and the gargoyle.
    Ob Emthaug moves 3N adjacent to the Unknown Assailant.
    Elunnia moves 1E between Noxias and the Fire Warrior

    Standard Action:
    yShekka uses Watcher's Strike on Joizy. Wisdom vs. Reflex. Hit: 1d8+4. Until end of turn, party gains +1 to attack rolls and +5 bonus to Perception checks while adjacent to yShekka and Ob Emthaug.

    Attack roll for Watcher's Strike
    Attack - (d20+12) [25]
    Damage roll for Watcher's Strike
    Damage - (d8+6) [9]

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    Correction to above misrolls:

    Healing Spirits Threnody - (2d6+2d10) [8]
    Healing Spirits Noxias - (2d6+2d10) [16]

    test edit
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