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Thread: [INFO] Cast of Characters

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    Default [INFO] Cast of Characters

    A thread containing info about the characters in the game.

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    Default The Stars of the Show

    Damian Blackthorne


    Half-elf (drow) male rogue (assassin) / warlock (hexblade).

    Yeunni Goldmoon


    Human female cleric of Diancecht. (Currently Undead)

    Gallant Shephard


    Altered tiefling male paladin (oath of vengeance).

    Rolen Rothanel


    Half-elf male bard.

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    Default Inhabitants of Ehrtzhofen

    Erschel Neunecker

    Neunecker was the town bailiff. It was he who discovered that Bertholdt Halbgewachsen had been buried alive. Then he mysteriously disappeared without a trace.

    Albrecht Lutenschleger

    Incoming Bailiff, replacement for Erschel Neunecker after a complete lack of law enforcement in Ehrtzhofen for the past 5 years. He plans to settle there, and has visions of restoring law and order to the sleepy village, which seems to have gotten by just fine without it. He is just and honest, a rarity in any position of authority.

    Madalena Precht

    Servant to Doktor Vorster, her main job is to gather herbs and machine parts for Vorster, though she usually gets caught up picking flowers instead.

    Doktor Augustin Vorster

    Fired from his position of town physician 5 years ago and replaced by Doktor Paulin Wegener, Doktor Vorster has recently recovered from a deep melancholy and now spends his time as an inventor. He is gregarious and intelligent.

    Mayor Eberlein Bartenbach

    Town mayor and leader of the Elder’s Council. He always carries around a large cane with a golden-tipped handle carved into the shape of a lion’s head.

    Bertholdt "Old Halb" Halbgewachsen

    Was the wealthiest citizen of Ehrtzhofen, before falling ill and accidentally being buried alive due to the incompetence of replacement physician Paulin Wegener. Halbgewachsen apparently left no will, and was actually deeply in debt.

    Doktor Paulin Wegener

    A younger son from a very successful wine family, Paulin could not share in the family business and decided to pursue medicine instead. He was offered the job of physician of Ehrtzhofen. Has been missing for several days now.

    Elspeth Wegener

    Wife of Paulin Wegener. Homemaker. She is worried over the disappearance of Paulin, who suddenly went missing after his rounds three days before the heroes arrived in town. Since her husband went missing, she has taken his place on the Council, the first woman in the history of Ehrtzhofen to do so.

    Endris Pfluger

    Town banker. Current resident of Halbgewachsen’s manor. He is quite well-to-do, and a respected member of the Elder’s Council.

    Beatrix Pfluger

    Endris Pluger's wife. Homemaker.

    Cristoff Bolstetter

    Town miller.

    Clara Bolstetter

    Cristoff Bolstetter's wife. Homemaker.

    Hensel Rosenstock

    The owner of the Regal Lager tavern. He waters down his beer, but his mead is worth every shilling.

    Fritz Trubin

    Considered by most villagers to be the town fool, Vorster used him to memorize the birth and death records of the people of Ehrtzhofen.


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