Avast There!

Avast There!

Are ye a young, hearty swabbie with a yearnin’ for adventure and the good life?
Are Ye quick of mind and sharp of wits?
Do ye love both the sea and unraveling mysteries?
If this calls to you, Sign up today for the Spyglass Agency, The Free Isles’ best detective agency!

System: Arr! This here be a Pathfinder game.

Medium: We be playin’ right here in forum posts.

Frequency: Avast! Ye need to check in about twice weekly. If ye stay in the port of Offline too long, yer Captain will be talkin’ to ye. If ye still don’ respond, ye will be forced to walk the plank.

Restrictions: Avast! Avoid ye scurvy third party material. Only Races and classes from d20pfsrd and Archives of Nethys are permitted. Keep it to Core and Featured Races. All Classes permitted,

Character Generation: Arrgh! Roll yerself 4d6, keeping the best 3, and rerolling 1s. If Chancia herself spits in yer eye, ye can use a 20 point buy instead. Ye need to make a level 2 hearty and the application should bear the Mythweavers seal. If ye want traits, be takin’ 2 and 1 drawback.

Deities: Arr! Lake’s Deities can be found here. Some of them them have expanded entries here.

DEADLINE: If ye want to join the Spyglass Agency, yer completed application must be in by JUNE 7.