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Thread: Recruiting for 4e DnD

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    Default Recruiting for 4e DnD

    Greetings adventurers!
    I m begining a new campaing(more like one shots banded together) and I m open for recruits. We ll be playing at roll20/discord once or twice per week around 13.00 UTC

    The game will be quite challenging on RP,problem solving and less combat oriented. This means screwing RP will have a negative impact in overwhelming combat. Players will be expected to act as heroes and not as describing the mechanics of the game.Ie Saying "I do a bluff check" means your character ingame said to the npc that he is bluffing therefore it s an autofail and retrying will come with a penalty.

    Advantage and disadvantage rule may be applied
    Saying I attack the goblin with my bow using this power will result as a warning for the goblin so you roll twice and the lowest is valid. In contrast by telling "I kneel behind the big rock and aim at the goblin" we roll twice and keep the highest score

    We ll be playing in the Faerun world and pantheon.
    at the begining you ll start on the road so the group is already a party. You ll start as lvl 2 characters generated either by standard or PB 22

    If you want to apply take some time to introduce your character. Write a 2 paragraph(at most) story that explains why you became an adventurer. Make sure to include:

    1 item of value (or importance) your character took with you or wishes to retrieve.
    1 living NPC(undestroyed undead count as living for this) that played a huge role in your story (rival friend or foe)
    1 place from the past you r either running away from or wish to return someday . Places include taverns, temples, ships(with a name or captain), forests caves etc. It s better if you avoid the clishes and do not choose a specific well known village or town like Neverwinter Waterdeep Calimport etc. Avoid megalomania Go small but explain why you r special.

    The best replies will earn a player spot

    Things to avoid. My character became a soldier of Neverwinter trained from a famous duelist. At the end of her training her mentor gave her a sword she carries to this day. She travels the world seeking fame and fortune.

    Consider somthing like this instead.

    I was traveling with the circus doing errants and laborwork for the troupe's famous swordman who was dueling random people for money. He was very good fighting unarmored against people in fullplate and he was always winning. But luck eventualy ends...Without knowing he fought a blackguard...The swordmaster despite a fleshwound won the duel and the blackguard had to pay a big sum for losing. "I lost less than you in the duel" said the blackguard maliciously to my master and left. We didn t understand what he meant then..."The poison is too strong I cannot clean it" said the Juju witch to the aching amd screaming swordmaster "The wound is infected and will kill you in some hours. All that swordskill will go wasted! Unless..."

    "Will I retain my personality and self? I asked the witch terrified as I was laying down beside the dying swordmaster."Don t worry I will only pass his skills on to you" she replied calmly as she begun the mind-transfer ritual... After complition everything seemed the same to me. I retained myself and my consiousness. As i went to retrieve my master's sword though, I felt like the sword was an extension of my arm! I started practice everyday. My weak body was unable to co-op with all the skills my mind was dictating, skills I had recently magicaly learned. But I was getting stronger and faster with each practice. Soon I would be able to earn a lot of gold because noone knows me and how good i am fighting... A few days later i had to leave the circus behind because.. I just had to, I was no longer interested in gold. Fame was what I was looking for. I had this irresistable urge to go after the blackguard and kill him to get my master's fame back! Why I am seeking revenge from a person that had done little harm to me? I was wondering. The answer although odd at first became clear sometime later. I am now the swordmaster! (meaning that the servant spirit was overcome by the strong will of the weaponmaster. This character can develop and be played as having a double personality)
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    Excuse me; is your 4e game text-based, or voice-based? Also, is there any possibility that it might use MapTool 1.5.2 instead of Roll20?

    Thank you for your time.

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    It s voice
    Tbh I ve run more games in MT than roll20 I just will need some help refreshing my memory if we choose that medium. I can handle both I think

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    Oh, never mind, in that case. I am not quite comfortable with voice-based games, so I will be retracting my interest.

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    I share your point. I m ok with players not using voice but as a narator I have to speak to be able to keep the flow going so at least listening to voicechat is mandatory. Plus I m not that fast at typing

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    I am still not very comfortable listening in to voice chat. D&D 4th Edition is my favorite RPG, but I am afraid I simply cannot work with voice. I apologize.

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    I m sorry too. Thanks for giving me the chance to clarify these points.


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