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Thread: Chapter 9: OOC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luopo View Post
    Yeah, one of the flail guys. Are we under a time crunch? If Kal's taking off alone, Vort should be able to animate both the orc flail guys.
    You don't know if more enemies are coming or not. Kal will be able to tell you shortly.

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    Sorry all. I was at a scout camp with my son this weekend. I overestimated both my free time and cell tower coverage. I will post a turn tonight when I get to the hotel.

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    Alyssa cast hunter's mark, right? So PWT would be down.

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    I will get the loose coins and full list of weapons/armor out in the next few days. It's 1 AM here.

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    I love Bernie as the name of the zombie. That's hilarious. I've never seen anyone name the zombie Bernie before.

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    lol aye Weekend at Bernies is still a fantastic film.... I really must watch it again sometime.
    Corn canít expect justice from a court composed of chickens.

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    Kalthanar, roll perception and investigation. Given the length of the activity and only you being able to see/hear things, guidance and help aren't available.

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    Did Kalthanar hear anything about another patrol searching for the Golden Gauntlet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spellblade View Post
    Did Kalthanar hear anything about another patrol searching for the Golden Gauntlet?
    No. They are discussing defending the fort, and organizing defenses. The bugbears are reporting seeing a single elf to the south, and the orcs/bugbears haven't reported back. They heard the orc say that they were ambushed and such. Parts of the conversation are missing at times making this difficult to fully follow, but you're not hearing any discussions on sending out a scouting party, yet.

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    How many humanoids were gathering in the central portion of the fort excluding the walls?”


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