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Thread: Chapter 9: OOC

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    Default Chapter 9: OOC

    Same as before.

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    If you want to run Alyssa, if you want you can make a char sheet for her. She's a 2 rogue/5 ranger/beast master. She would have the standard point buy. You can pick whatever feat and such. Again, I want to stress that she can die as can anyone.

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    It's a helmet he made from the dead minotaur ;-p

    Quote Originally Posted by Hideous View Post
    Damn Vort is uglier than I pictured...

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    Kal, roll stealth with advantage please.

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    Default Chapter 9: OOC

    Quote Originally Posted by Hideous View Post
    How much was Brandon's horse?
    Whatever you paid. Standard PHB prices plus the 10 percent tax.

    Also your inn was provided but meals and all for the week would have been around 2 gold each.

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    Mike as a DM and a player I wanted to thank you for putting your dates in the turn. This really helps to figure out how much time has passed and what the weather might be.

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    Here is what I have for Alyssa. Favored terrain is Forest and Favored Enemies are Humanoids.

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    For Favored Enemy -

    You usually have to pick two specific "humanoids" .... you cant just group in them all.... Or so ive seen in the past when fiddling with DND beyond. This also means you can take it again, with two different humanoids further down the track. It also usually lets you pick a language as well.

    I would confirm this by actually looking it up again... but DND Beyond seems to be having Server issues today.
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