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Thread: Chapter 9.9: The Return of the Miser

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    Default Chapter 9.9: The Return of the Miser

    August 9 (morning)

    The Sentinels and remaining Golden Gauntlet rise to an overcast summer morning. As they are eat their morning breakfast, they talk some and reflect on their last few days at the Fort.

    Just two days ago, they cleared the last of the inhabitants out of the fort, and claimed it for their own. Shortly after they opted to destroy the altar to Cegilune, as well as the modified teleportation circle that she had placed there.

    Just one day ago, the group spent most of the day cleaning the fort of the rest of the former inhabitants. Severed heads on spikes were removed. Trash from the previous tenants were collected and burned. Several members of the group take to reading in an attempt to pass the time, but neither Kalthanar, Vortigern, or Brandon gain any additional insight into their respective notes. Galmund and the remaining Golden Gauntlet members split their time patrolling the fort and burning their dead just outside the fort. Although they still mourned the losses of many of their men, they seemed satisfied at finally watching the Sentinels lead them to victory. They collect the Gauntlets of the deceased to return them to the guild.

    Shortly before lunch, the Golden Gauntlet watchmen in the western towers signal that someone is approaching. 10 minutes later, visible to all is a small caravan consisting of about 30 mounted riders. Riding as guards to the caravan are around 10 Golden Guantlet mercenaries. Also in the procession are the six members of Pride of the Past. They are led by Boden, who now wears a gleaming silver helm with small wings on each side. It stands in stark contrast to his armor which has still clearly seen better days. Brandon and Hrothgar sigh in relief as all members of the group seem alive and well. Velkyn now wears a thick, pure white belt of some strange skin that contrasts his otherwise dark features.

    In the center of the caravan is a group of merchants of various races surrounding four horses pulling a regal white stagecoach. The caravan pulls to a stop just inside the fort, and to no one’s surprise, the Miser descends to join the group. He is dressed in what appears to be some kind of lightly armored beige formal suit. He adjusts his top hat on his slicked back hair and looks around the place. The Miser is a seasoned negotiator and politician, and even Vortigern has a hard time reading his intentions easily. After a few minutes, two other members of the Balanced Scales descent from his coach with parchment and join those riding beside the stagecoach. The group of probably a dozen merchants start the task of inventorying everything. Hrothgar recognizes one of the men in the stagecoach as Henri, the one that showed him around the trade guild early on.

    The Miser nods to the group and says, “Well done. You’ve done Xanthar, The Balanced Scales, Alliance and all of the free lands of Therris a great service by getting rid of this significant threat to our lands. Thank you again. I brought lunch. I realize that your journeys may take you elsewhere, but please let’s eat while we do a quick inventory.”

    With that several of the mercanaries help unload several baskets filled with some semi-perishable items: fresh loaves of bread; several purple watermelon; ears of a strange red corn called “devils teeth”; a selection of fruit-stuffed pastries; and a large bucket full of various, rare nuts from the islands. Compartments of the stagecoach unfold, forming several tables to hold the various good as well as a cushioned seat for the leader of the trade guild. Helping himself to a handful of nuts he motions the Sentinels to join him.

    As the Sentinels eat, the group gets a chance to catch up with the Pride from the Past. Silvart relates that their search lead them to a small fishing village that was now inhabited by a feral group of lycanthropes led by several werewolves. Their goal was in enter a small manor house and vineyard that once belonged to Boden’s family line: the Fourstrengths. Although the plan was going well, opening a noisy secret door nearly brought the whole infected village down upon them. Velkyn nearly died as he was swarmed by several lycanthropes, but the combined efforts of the rest of the group managed to save him. They grabbed the small hidden cache of family heirlooms and fled, not fully exploring the place, but accomplishing their primary mission.

    As Silvart finished relating the tale, the two other Balanced Scales members return and show their parchments to the Miser. He puts his monocle in one eye and looks them over carefully. After a few minutes he closes his eyes and mutters, “40% of of…” He seems lost in math in his head before opening his eyes and says, “Well done. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that in 30 minutes, I can tell you what the exact value of everything is here. What I do know is that there is a few things that are unaccounted for and some… minor fire damage. Comparing what we expected to find vs. what is actually here, in the interest of time, I’m willing to offer a deposit to the banking system of 6000 gold to each Sentinel. Once we really go through things thoroughly, I can likely deposit a little more, but it’s hard to say right this moment. How does this sound?”

    He then looks at the group and says, “And about the fort. I believe we agree on you naming the fort with my final approval. Have you made a selection? Also, let me spend a few minutes going over how we plan on handling ownership duties…” With that said, he begins talking about the current state of the fort, income and other things.

    OOC: See house rules regarding business. That is what he’s describing.

    The merchants of various races and such are a chance to name a hireling that you want to check this out (within reason). Or negotiated a “cash in advance” settlement. It’s your call.
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  2. Default Chapter 9.9: The Return of the Miser

    Nothing seemed to matter when he saw Boden wearing the silver helm. Elbowing Kal and whispering, “Kal, Boden’s helm, it’s a divine item, sure as shit,”

  3. Default Chapter 9.9: The Return of the Miser

    Ignoring the Miser, Vort addresses Boden and Velkyn, “Guys! How lucky are you that on your first adventure that you find two divine items that could bring back the gods!” Pointing to Boden, “Your helm matches all the descriptions and so too Velkyn does your belt. Do you plan on bringing back the gods held in them? We have some experience in that and could help.”
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    Boden looks at Vort and removes the helm as he eats a piece of devil's teeth. He hands it to him and says, "Unfortunately, while magical, it is not a divine item. I wish it was. It has been in my family for many generations, but was made to mirror the item that you refer to."

    He adds, "Perhaps if you're looking for more validation, the map for sale in Xanthar by the Balanced Scales that leads to magic items is what I used to locate it. The other temples have tried multiple times to locate divine items via the map, but it never works."

    He finishes, "I am proud to reclaim it. How fruitful was your endeavor?"

  5. Default Chapter 9.9: The Return of the Miser

    “Damn, and here I thought you had a great stroke of beginners luck!” Says Vort as he hands the helmet back. “Our endeavors have been pretty good, as you can witness from our capture of Sentinels Rest,” then the dwarf war priest looks over at the Miser and before he says anything further, discerns if the Miser had been fair in his assessment of the shares.


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    not sure what happened there...ah, I see...

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    Brandon hugs Silvart when he sees her and listens intently to her tale. He nods when Vort mentions the fort’s name, and he smiles when the Miser offers him 6,000 gold pieces. He eyes Boden’s new helm and Velkyn’s belt, making a note to speak to them later in private regarding their finds. Finally, Brandon wonders how in the hell he was supposed to know who was qualified to be his hireling.

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    Hrothgar is distracted by the waffle from the Miser... his eyes are only for Mava.... and he is slowly moving ever closer to her. A predatory gleam in his eye.

    If he had half a mind to.... he would just toss her over his shoulder and disappear for several glorious hours.

    He drags some semblance of focus back to the man spouting ridiculous sums of money.

    "It sounds good to me, but I am not the best one to be sure of that. I also would consider selling my individual share of the fort. There is a certain item in the vault back at the Balanced Scales that has more appeal to me than the lofty aims of running a business - Henri knows which one I speak of...but to get it, I need vastly more coin"
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    Looking to the Miser, Vort asks, "How much are you offering for an individual share of the proceeds of this fort?"

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    Kalthanar points at the helm, “If it was the divine item it would have a diamond set upon the brow.” He then asks, “How does this map work exactly to find an item of magic and what does it cost to do so?”

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