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Thread: Chapter 9: The Xanthar Stronghold

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    Galmund talks it over with his men. The men are a bit shaken by the open discussion of their deaths during the night. One of them named Rei, one of the younger men, finally states, "I think there's a cave to the south. I... I was a caravan guard... before there was a fort. We slept where the fort is, I think. Some of the guards thought they saw something that night. Two of them followed it. We found them dead at a cave the next morning. I would rather not go there, but... I'd rather not be slaughtered in my sleep either. It's probably 10 miles south of here. I think." He is visibly shaken but trying to be helpful. Galmund does his best to calm him and the others assuring them that they weren't going to die in their sleep.

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    Rian is already preparing his horse for the retreat. "We need to retreat now and not debate it. If bugbears have scouted the region they already know about the cave. It's better to be deeper in the forest which will give us some cover."

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    "I agree with Rian," Vort replied, "deeper into the forest and stay away from the cave. Lets ride!"

    ooc: Vort will start heading S then SE for an hour under Alyssa's PwT. Climb a tree when appropriate to get a sighting of the fort, with guidance from Reorx Authentic Forum Dice-rollperception - (1d20+8+1d4) (14) (3) [25]

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    Before he forgets, Vorts asks anyone who may know, "Whats the word for Grovel, in Orc, Bugbear and Ogre?"

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    “Those are three different languages,” mutters Kalthanar.

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    Vort counts on his fingers, "One, two, three. Yes, correct Kal."

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    Hrothgar frowns.... and glares at Kal "That kind of talk is not welcome". He thinks to himself at the same time *Seriously does he not understand troop morale at all?*

    He places a hand upon Rei's shoulder. "Thank you for speaking up." He then nods at Galmund... in that way that seems to speak volumes without actually saying anything.

    "Come, apparently no one but this Bear wants to go to the cave. Perhaps we shall all climb trees instead." He says it in a sarcastic way in an effort to garner a few muted laughs. (especially later when helping Vort climb a tree for his vantage point).

    Anything to alleviate the foul mood from Kal's doom and gloom speeches.
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    Alyssa has everyone gather around and casts pass without trace on the assembled group of huddled figures, which assists the group with moving quietly while removes all signs of future tracks for 1 hour.

    The drum beat continues in the distance, which is slightly unnerving. Galmund and the Sentinels continue to quietly reassure the men that everything will be okay.

    The group heads south through the forest, then east. They proceed cautiously, and don't get too close to the stronghold. After about 20 minutes of slow movement, Vortigern calls a halt. He tells the others that he wants to get a view of the fort for a spell. He looks at a massive oak tree and begins to slowly climb it. Hrothgar notes he's not doing very well and opts to assist him. With some rope, Hrothgar assists Vortigern up about 50 feet in the air. In the fading daylight, Vortigern can see the top of the fort that has been described to him. The towers look to be on high alert, with 3 bugbears with enlarged long bows statationed at each of the north towers, and tree orcs in each of the southern towers. Vortigern notes that the sun has mostly disappeared over the horizon. He guesses that there is 30 minutes of daylight left before darkness descends.
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    With his recon complete, Vortigern and Hrothgar descend back down the tree and untie from each other. They mount up and move southeast in the rapidly fading sunlight. Around 10 minutes later, Vortigern isn't exactly sure on distance but opts to stop at one point and motions the others forward, telling them that he'll catch up shortly.

    OOC: Vort can cast his spell here. There are ~5 minutes of daylight and PWT remaining. You are 1 mile SE of the fort. Just need to know where in the fort Vort is observing. I assume that the group wants to keep riding, but you can stop now if you want.

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    Vort prays for Clairvoyance, using his new material component to see atop the tower of the ogre fort and see what he can see.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollperception - (1d20+8) (4) [12]

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