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Thread: Chapter 9: The Xanthar Stronghold

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    Vort replied, "We only have an hour of light, then they have the advantage. They are in the fort, they have the advantage. These men have to move into position and when darkness falls, they'll be hunted down and killed, in the dark--because the orcs, bugbears, and ogres all have darkvision and they do not."

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    “Yes, the same advantage they will have when they attack our camp tonight,” replies Kalthanar.

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    "Not if we move far enough away, because it looks like you didn't lead them straight back to us."

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    “Vort is right. We lost our chance to pick off some of them outside the fort when you were discovered, Kal. We need to ride hard back the way we came and put as much distance between us and them as we can. We can ride back at first light and have the whole day to set up our siege.” Brandon looks to Galmund, expecting him to chime in.

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    Kalthanar groans, “We must show courage and fight. They will follow us back to our camp and ambush us. We must attack now.”

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    "Your personal quest to become a hero and beat the odds will only serve to get us killed," Vort said sternly. "I'm not willing to roll the dice and hope for the best--especially based on recent events."

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    Kalthanar rolls his eyes, “You are condemning these men. Fortunately I do not sleep as blood will be spill tonight. Gods willing we survive the night and have to overcome all manner of defenses on the morrow.”
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    "Well, I wasn't planning on camping out so near the fort. We have an hours ride before nightfall." Looking over to Rian and Hrothgar, "Unless you two side with Kal there and think we should attack the fort now."

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    Vort snaps his fingers, "We won't be followed. Lady Alyssa can cover us with one of her spells, yes? So that we may pass this area without a trace and they'll never find us."

    ooc: PwT covers a 60x60 area, that's 12 squares by 12 squares, so 144 5' squares. Even with horses taking 2 squares and there being 21 of us total, we have squares to spare. No tracks will be left behind per the spell.

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    "We move away....If there is a cave or some where vaguely defensible that we can get to before our light goes, we need to get there now. Galmund, do you know of a location near here that will help?"
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