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Thread: Chapter 9: The Xanthar Stronghold

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    Rian replied, "There was always tension between Isrina and Leressa. Clearly Isrina did not believe that Leressa's embrace of Morigon was the right path to take. From my perspective they did not share a common goal. Servants told the tale, I did not see Isrina's body."

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    “Interesting but I am not sure if that conflict is something we could exploit,” answers Kalthanar.

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    Rian replied, "I'm not sure she will even recognize me. She had little to do with Hker's other offspring."

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    "Betrayed by her own daughter," muses Kalthanar, "I wonder if her present condition is a result of that."

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    Hrothgar admittedly looks puzzled by the entire conversation. Not having been a part of it in the first place. He remains quiet and ponders just how much these people have been through before he came to be with them.
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    Even Brandon wasn't around when the events which the Sentinels are now discussing took place. Like Hrothgar, he remains silent, wondering if wasn't better to simply burn the fort down with fireballs, oil flasks, and arrows lit on fire peppering the walls, towers, and grounds beyond. Sure, there was a chance they could recover some of the goods that were lost by the passing caravans if they could take the fort without destroying it, but at what cost of life? So many had already died, and the number just grew by another ten or so. The greed of men...

    His thoughts turned elsewhere, to Solinari and the voice that had been guiding him recently, and then to Silvart and her new adventuring party. Suddenly, Brandon blurts out, "Vort, have you power enough to contact Silvart? Perhaps her and her comrades can assist us with taking the fort, if their quest is complete."
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    The group waits during the day not far from where the bugbear ambush occurred earlier. Since it's still early morning, it is a long day of waiting to understand what is going on. Despite the long day, it passes uneventfully, if tensely under the thick canopy. The weather remains fairly hot in muggy despite the thick canopy.

    Around 10 at night, after it is completely dark, Vortigern and Nithan coordinate to send Bernie to the fort with some alchemist fire. His goal is to use Bernie before he likely looses control of him during the night and becomes a liability.

    Since he's invisible and the group doesn't really advance to see what happened, the results of Bernie's assault are unknown. Shouts are heard from the fort. The shouts keep going for some time. Eventually one small bang is heard coming from the fort. Some quick recon from the treeline shows that a small fire appears to be in the center of the fort area, not near the south wall. The group believes that the catapult has likely moved, but can't be certain given what little information that they can find.

    With that task completed the group retreats to the southwest area. In the dark, the roughly one mile trek takes almost an hour for those with darkvision to guide the horses of the entire group slowly through nearly impassible terrain in some places. As they walk, Vort fulfills Brandon's request and prays for the following Sending to Silvart, "Hey sweet cheeks. Brandon misses your pumpkin pie. He wants to know if you're done, can come help us with the fort asap."

    Silvart's replies, "Will mention it to Boden immediately. We are near Xanthar about 2 days away from you - not sure if you want to wait or not."

    A small 20' wide clearing is found at one point, and the group sets up watches to camp for the night. The night however passes uneventfully.

    August 7 morning

    At some time around 7 AM traces of sunlight begin to penetrate the thick canopy. Most of those that survived the previous days adventures feel as though they gained additional knowledge from the battle that may serve them well moving forward.
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    Alyssa stretches, "Let's see what dawn offers shall we?" She holds aloft her arm and sends Flag into the air. Her eyes go white.

    OOC: Alyssa casts Beast Sense and sends Flag to observe the fort looking through his eyes. She will keep him high in the air out of bowshot for the time being. She will have him do a lazy circle above the fort similar to a normal bird looking for prey.

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    Through the eyes of Flag, Alyssa reports very little activity at the fort. The fire was extinguished fairly rapidly with little lasting damage from a blaze that likely lasted at most several minutes with the aid of magical water to fight it. The southwest tower is more burnt than the southern wall is, but Flag finds an orc in each of the southern towers despite the charred nature of the one. To the north, a bugbear sits in each tower. In all cases, the figures are crouched down, out of sight. They all peek up at regular intervals scanning the forest before retreating to a full cover position.

    It takes Flag a few minutes to spot the catapult, which is just inside the middle of the north wall concealed under a canopy. While he doesn't actually see it, the size and shape of the large object leave little guess on what else it could be. The courtyard itself is littered with various trash from various raids. Crates, boxes, kegs, and general junk are strewn around the courtyard, but the heaviest concentration of the clutter is along the fort walls.

    Other than the four watchmen, the only other sign of life is a small wisp of smoke from the central building. The central building is most likely a temple and is surrounded by spiked heads. The lone building on the north side of the courtyard is by far the largest, and for this reason alone likely houses the ogres.

    The two buildings on the southern side of the complex are about the same size.

    Despite circling for quite some time, no other activity is noted.

    Outside the walls, it appears that the corpses from the previous days battle had been removed.

    OOC: To thoroughly scan, I will say that 30 minutes have elapsed.

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