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Thread: Chapter 9: The Xanthar Stronghold

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    Motioning to Nithan and looking at Kal, "There ya go. Send Bernie in alone, no need for the rest of us to get hit by the catapult and get killed trying to distract away from Bernie since he's gonna get seen anyways. Let me know when you need him and I'll give him the order to go when he's invisible."

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    After Brandon is done pulling all the arrows out of his person, Vort asks him to Mend his crossbow's magical spring. A quick application of the cantrip is ensued and the spring is whole once more, but no longer magical. "So much for rewards that come with a limited life span. Next time I won't be so stupid."

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    Kalthanar turns to Vortigern, “Are you willing to keep the zombie until tomorrow morning? What is your intention?”

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    Default Chapter 9: The Xanthar Stronghold

    Alyssa asks Kalthanar, "You saw the witch. We never got a clear view of her. Can you please describe her for us?"

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    "Of course, I forgot only I saw the witch," answers Kalthanar. "She was truly a horror. The woman's face appears black and oozing - about half of it is covered by a strange mask. Her hair has mostly fallen out and what is there is tangled with some kind of slime on it. Her one visible eye is functional, but the skin around it is shriveled and pulled back. Most of her teeth are gone. On her robe was a symbol of an upset cauldron. Does anyone recognize this symbol?"

    OOC: Kalthanar makes a history check on the symbol of the upturned cauldron.

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    Default Chapter 9: The Xanthar Stronghold

    Kalthanar thinks hard and recalls that he has only ever seen the symbol once before - at the tower that Rian was rescued from. The witch of the tower had it engraved on the door to her room. The witch was presumed dead.

    Kalthanar has previously researched the symbol and found no evidence of it related to any of the original 21 Gods of Therris. He can only conclude that whatever God or Goddess she is praying to isn’t from Therris.

    Alyssa listens to Kalthanar and thanks him for the information. She remains silent, lost in thought.
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    Apparently Kalthanar’s question was rhetorical, “I have seen this symbol before when we rescued Rian from the Blighted Tower in the Folie Forest.”
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    Rian had thought about the symbol but was reluctant to mention it. "Yes, that is Her symbol, Isrina the Witch of the Tower. The mother of Leressa. But I thought Isrina died killed by Leressa's rats. Caireann wears Isrina's ring and Phaolan has the orb she carried throughout the tower.

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    Kalthanar raises an eyebrow, “Died? Were they enemies?”

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