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Thread: Chapter 9: The Xanthar Stronghold

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    Alyssa uses Flag to help find the hidden bugbear.

    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(2d20b1+8) (7, 7) [15]

    OOC: if she finds it she gallops towards it and gets into melee range while calling it out to the rest of the party. As a bonus action she places hunter’s mark on it.

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    Kalthanar calls out to the Golden Gauntlet, “Help me find it!”

    OOC: same as above.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollPerception - (2d20b1+7) (12, 20) [27]

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    "Someone help me find that bugbear too!" Vort calls out, then beseeches his god for Guidance and goes a hunting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zebsen
    The two remaining bugbears see the Sentinels arriving from the north and note their dwindling number. They flee and hide, with the injured hunter disappearing into the thick brush. The warrior, unaccustomed to fleeing is still visible to everyone as he tries to flee to the west.
    Brandonís sleep spell is centered on the visible bugbear warrior, assuming that doing so wonít include any of the Gauntlets or Sentinels. If it would, he tries to aim the spell farther west so it presumably only covers the bugbear.

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    Rian tries to stay out of the way, knowing that Kal, Alyssa, Vort, and Brandon have covered the possible exits. The paladin keeps an eye out from horseback on the gaps of the searchers for any signs of the fleeing bugbears.

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    The bugbear warrior and hunter attempt to flee, with the hunter being lost by most of the group in the dense foliage as he ducks into it. Only Kalthanar spots him and rides along side him, despite several others looking for him.

    Brandon attempts to put the sleep spell on the bugbear warrior, but despite the damage he's incurred, he is too powerful enough to succumb to such a minor enchantment. The Golden Gauntlet nearly surround him as the continue to hack at the burly bugbear. He takes four wounds from the combined attacks, but remains standing.

    To the north, the screaming orc's luck finally runs out as Hrothgar finally manages to silence him.

    Both bugbears attempt to flee and hide again, but neither of them are very successful. Within seconds they are cut down, leaving the thicket oddly quiet. To the north, in the fort various shouts are heard as the fort obviously heard the screaming of the fleeing orc.

    OOC: combat is over.

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    Kalthanar addressee his allies, “We should rest and use our potion of clairvoyance to spy on the enemy camp.”

    OOC: rather than use spells we should rest for an hour and use hit dice instead to heal. We should try for another attack today unless the potion says otherwise.

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    Hrothgar dismounts the horse, giving it a good pat.... and hitching it to a nearby tree. He bends down and makes sure that the Orc is finally truly dead and not just faking it. (handaxe to the throat should ensure it). Then without missing a beat he swings the corpse up onto the rump of the horse, securing it. unhitches, mounts up, looks around to see if he missed anything and heads back to the others.

    (ooc - I am assuming if it was truly fleeing then it would have dropped its weapon back at the fight scene, so its literally the corpse and anything on it..... i'm taking it back for what I assume will be a head count of kills more than anything).
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    "I've got some dead to animate, they may come in handy," Vort says.

    ooc: Vort is going to animate dead on the two flail wielders--bruisers?

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