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Thread: Chapter 9: The Xanthar Stronghold

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    Kalthanar quickly begins to retreat.

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    Bugbears advance cautiously. Two of them appears to be some kind of tracker, as they begin searching the area. Their movements are slow and methodical as they scan. One of them looks near where Kalthanar had been just seconds ago and motions the other one over. He comments, "Boot prints."

    The bugbears look at each other and rescan the area. One of them calls back to the ogres, "Intruder. Everyone on alert."

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    Kalthanar looks over his shoulder and notes that the two hunters that lead the pack carry short swords, and a spear-like device with a rope attached to it. They look at each other and continually scan the area, but don't advance. Behind them somewhere, one of the bugbears blows some kind of horn. Seconds later, another horn is heard answering it in the distance.

    OOC: you can keep retreating with Kalthanar, but they don't appear to be following you. The others would hear the alarm at this point.

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    Default Chapter 9: The Xanthar Stronghold

    As the others are further away to the west awaiting Kalthanarís scouting report they hear the sound of horns. First one to the north then another answering to the west. From this distance that is all that can be seen.

    Alyssa frowns and gives Flag a gentle command to fly, which he does.

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    Hrothgar listens to the horns and grimaces. For the moment he continues to lean against the tree, but he takes his glaive in his hands and runs his practiced eye over its blade, pleased at its sharpness.

    He then looks over in time to see the bird take flight.
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    Several tense minutes pass as Brandon continues concentrating on invisibility and assuring the others that Kalthanar's not dead. In the distance the sound of horns is replaced by that of war drums and shouting to the east.

    Finally Kalthanar's disembodied voice is heard, "I am sorry. They were unusually observant and discovered my tracks. There are 4 ogres and 5 bugbears to the north. A few of their hunters carry odd weapons - a spear with a rope attached to the shaft."

    Flag returns seconds later. The speak with animals spell is still active, and she converses with her hawk briefly before stating, "It sounds like most groups have pulled back to the fort. Again, Flag can't convey numbers well enough to state if everyone has pulled back, and with tree cover it's hard to say if any were left behind."

    The group still hears a drumbeat coming from the fort as they debate options. It's difficult to see the sun in the middle of a forest, but there is probably an hour of daylight left, possibly less. Given the number of humans in the group, nighttime overall favors the enemy, not the Sentinels and Golden Gauntlet.

    OOC: you're around 1/4 mile west of the fort off the road.

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    "We need to move away from here and plan our assault for the morning," Vort says as he mounts his horse.

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    “What?” exclaims Kalthanar. “We need to attack now.”

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