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Thread: Chapter 9: The Xanthar Stronghold

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    Default Chapter 9: The Xanthar Stronghold

    August 3

    The Sentinels conclude their elegant dining experience at the Balanced Scales. Despite some heated negotiations, a deal is struck, and while The Miser was all business during the negotiations, his jovial mood returns after the deal is sealed.
    At the conclusion of the meal, The Miser unlocks the doors. The wait staff returns to clean up the meal, and a small five person (halfling) musical band is brought in as a form of entertainment. Their performance is excellent, second only to the festival the Sentinels had witnessed upon awakening the Bard King himself.

    August 4

    The group retires for the night. The next morning, the group collects their horses and meets up with the Golden Gauntlet at the eastern gate. Galmund leads fifteen men. All but one of them bear the trademark Golden Gauntlet – a red robed scholar of the Tower is also present. While appearances can be deceptive, the group is a mixture of what appears to be experienced soldiers and young, less experienced members. Except for Galmund, all are human.

    Rian has his new split mail. While it doesn’t look and different to the others, Rian notices the weight difference relative to standard splint armor (45 lb vs standard 60 lb). Vortigern also carries a new great axe. The craftsmanship on it is top quality, and it has several tribal bands and notches on it that look similar to the old minotaur great axe that he had been carrying around, but certainly shorter and in much better shape.

    Alyssa also joins the group. While the group had hoped that Ult would join them as well, Alyssa states that he departed the day before on a secretive mission from Sirrion himself. On a nearby tree, a falcon stares at the group. At a gentle command from Alyssa, he takes flight and soars forward. Kalthanar looks at the hawk curiously. He couldn’t tell for sure if that was Flag, but it certainly looked like him. If it was, he has no idea how it found her in Xanthar.

    Fully assembled, the Sentinels lead the way east out of town. Lookout towers are scattered here, but they are well staffed. At least one person in each tower is a member of the Golden Gauntlet.

    The road is well worn, but has little recent signs of passage. Alyssa and her falcon lead the way on horseback and set a brisk pace. The weather is hot and the summer sun beats down on the groups as they depart. Thankfully much of the road if only about 30’ wide and surrounded over half of the day by trees on both sides. At other times, the group passes through wide-open fields. Most of the area is relatively flat or small rolling hills.

    There is little time for dialogue, but when the group takes brief stops, several Golden Gauntlet take the opportunity to introduce themselves to the group. Most of the members seem to genuinely respect the Sentinels, and again have many questions about what they’ve achieved, most of which are heavily exaggerated. It isn’t until the stop for the day that the group has a chance to spend more than 20 minutes conversing with the group. Watches are set, which are a mixture of Sentinels and Golden Gauntlet groups. Dialogue is limited, but the groups further bond together during the night. The night passes uneventfully.

    August 5

    In the morning, the groups start moving at dawn. Again, the day is hot with only some brief rain showers to briefly give some relief. As the day progresses, the hills become a bit more rolling in nature, and the road mostly returns to dense forest.

    After the evening meal, Alyssa sets a slower pace as she knows the fort should be close. Within an hour, she starts finding tracks and pulls the group off the road. Her hawk returns to her, and after a brief spell she starts conversing with the hawk.

    She comments, “The fort is within a mile from here. There are two groups outside the building. Flag is limited on his counting and details. It sounds like one group is on the north and one is on the south side, but sometimes I misunderstand him.” She pulls out a treat from her pouch and gives it to the hawk.

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    It had been a long time since Vort had ridden a horse for so long and although it was much faster than walking, his ass was sore. Hopping off, he vigorously rubbed his posterior to work out the soreness--ignoring any looks coming his way. Then he pulled out his new Minotaur axe and began swinging it about to loosen up his muscles just in case there was some combat in the near future, but it was also to get a feel for the axe since the offset double bladed design was foreign to him--although he loved the look of it. "Kal, you heading out from here, invisible? You need a Blessing?"

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    "Kal, do you want to do some preliminary scouting with Alyssa? I can turn both of you invisible. Or are going to try and take out one or both of the groups outside?" Brandon asks.

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    Kalthanar shakes his head, “Just cast the spell on me for now.”

    OOC: heading north first.

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    Now invisible Kalthanar stalks off into the woods.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollStealth - (2d20b1+10) (3, 4) [14]

    OOC: This dice roller is beyond stupid. This just doesn't happen at a gaming table.
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    OOC: Now you know how I felt when I rolled double 1s a few days ago. 1 in 400 chance of that happening and it has to happen when I'm trying to get laid. Thank god I took the Luck feat level 1. Best investment ever. That 8 really saved me.

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    Vort finishes warming up and sheaths the great axe on his back, then pulls out Vera and gives her the once over, quietly talking to her as he polishes and works her pulleys and bow, "Thats a good girl, Vera, good, good girl. Maybe today we kill us some Ogres, huh? You'd like that..."

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    Hrothgar waits, His horse is hobbled/hitched to a tree and he is leaning against the same tree. His eyes roam over the Gauntlets and his friends, trying to sense any lack of resolve.

    He seems satisfied with what he sees.

    "Be careful Kal, its getting darker, so they will be on the move back to the fort for the night."
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    Under invisibility, Kalthanar advances heading through the forest to the north. As he approaches and looks through the trees, he can detect movement. As he advances closer, it's obvious that the ogres are effortlessly clearing trees under the direction of some other creatures. Not able to see much, Kalthanar advances a little closer and hears the slight crunch of a dried branch that he didn't see. Still 60' away, he pauses to see if it's noticed.

    In response, a bugbear with a larger spear advances and peers into the woods. A short distance away, another bugbear does as well, this one wielding a modified long bow that was longer than anything Kalthanar had seen before.

    They look at each other and scan the area. The one with the bow speaks to the other in orc, "Something's there. Either food or an intruder. Find it. Kill it." With that the bugbear with the spear nods and growls to two other bugbears to join him as he advances.

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