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Thread: The Fall of Melior

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alcazar QZR View Post
    Hello, Boethius! Hello, everyone!

    I will have a character ready either today or tomorrow! What a lineup, by the way!
    Good to "see" ya again! Always bummed Zalrenyss and Andraste's game got caught short! Haha

    Quote Originally Posted by Krivak View Post
    Your going with a date to end your search?
    With the current interest, I'll likely use the full two weeks (so June 4). If there interest stops coming in and everyone has finished/stopped working on their sheets/characters, then I might make decisions sooner.

    Quote Originally Posted by theScrappy View Post
    I'm contemplating building a cleric of Furor, and wondering if you'll allow the Smoke or Ash subdomain, instead of Fire?
    Yes, I would allow both of those subdomains for Furor.

    Quote Originally Posted by GhoulRising View Post
    Hello Boethius! Great to see you again!

    I'm thinking of applying with a cleric or fighter with huge religious influence, who's main driving force is wanting to stamp out evil in the world. they've seen so much of it they eventually decided to take matters into their own hands and exterminate it themselves. I haven't decided on any concrete details yet, but I have the basics!
    Thanks! Excited to see what you come up with! Which deities are you leaning towards?

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    Follow up post for Inagwyn.


    Character Name:
    Inagwyn of the Tower

    Sheet Link:

    No picture yet

    Vital Stats:
    Age: 160
    Height: 5'-9"
    Weight: 110lbs
    Race: Elf [Tower]
    Class: Wizard [Enchanter]
    Ideal Party Roles: Magic-User, Debuffer, Knowledge Monkey

    Inagwyn's parents were both wizards like her, and devoted minimal time to raising their children due to their intense studies. Effectively raised by her brother Husticlass, Inagwyn was isolated from traditional elf culture by a barrier of silence on the matter. Whenever reagents or books were needed by one parent or the other, Inagwyn would go downstairs to the tower's library to acquire them. This library doubled as the study for the nearby human town, but whenever an outsider came looking for knowledge, Husticlass would answer. This left the young elf woman with decades of relative isolation and a hunger for whatever information she could devour from the books that were strewn throughout the tower.

    When she was 110, her mother accidentally fell off the tower and died during a clairvoyant exercise, as she lacked the Feather Fall spell. As Inagwyn did not and still does not possess it either, it led her to gain a fear of heights, and she dares not ascend further than her own room in the place as a result. Her father was consumed in an experimental fireball scroll that obliterated himself, his notes, and everything on his level but the structure itself. When Husticlass left to seek his fortune as a magus, Inagwyn became the tower's effective keeper, leaving it barren but for her room, her brother's room (which she converted to a study) and the library.

    To her dismay, this meant she would also have to deal with humans. An enchantress of mild power, she used her odd appearance to her advantage, generated a sinister air about her nature, and managed to work herself into a position where visitors would trade access to the library for books she desired. Her study of the strange customers let her gain an ability to judge others and negotiate a bit better than she normally would. At the age of 156, she witnessed a half-elf come into the tower and introduce herself as Khonda, Husticlass's twenty three-year-old daughter by a human woman. Unwilling to believe this until her own brother confirmed it as fact, Inagwyn was shaken by how much the world had changed while she was hiding away in her inheritance.

    Four years of hesitation later, Inagwyn entrusted the tower to her niece and prepared to set out- officially on behalf of the 'humans in need of enlightenment', but truly for her own sake. Deep in her heart, she knew she was hopelessly disconnected from the world and needed grounding badly.

    "Emotion is for the clouded minds of short-lived peoples," the odd-eyed elf insists regularly. Comfortable with her image of being a sinister enchantress locked in a tower-cum-library, she uses her magic to go without rest for extreme periods of length. From time to time, a student will make their way inside, and she will grudgingly provide them what they need before escorting or frightening them out. If the previous description sounds melodramatic, it's because her behavior is mostly an act. She speaks haughtily of elven superiority and refusing to be troubled by ordinary folk, but mostly she just wants to be left alone to read.

    Inagwyn acts much more ordinary when she believes herself to be alone, and has a habit of talking to herself or imagining herself in her favorite stories. Despite her insistence that she dislikes emotional connections, she coddles her cat Mr. Snookums (she claims his real name is Ink) and pets him at every unseen opportunity. She doesn't actually hate humans (or anyone else), but she likes to talk in Elven whenever possible, seeing her Elven heritage as leverage to use against other humanoids. Emotional decisions hold no weight for the tower sage- she must see things through logically in order to accept someone else's justifications for doing something. She has a special interest in the Regicide War, seeing it as an 'amusing spat between humans' and is particularly curious about the Princes. Perhaps rightly, she suspects that there is more to the assassinations than meets the eye.

    Despite her social awkwardness, she is better than she would normally be at people-reading due to her long life and study of library patrons. Though she denies it, she inherited some of her mother's absentmindedness and her father's recklessness. One of her major issues is a self-esteem problem revolving around her naturally reclusive personality, choice in a deity, and appearance (which is strange and even ugly among elves). Her flaws lead her to compensate- she acts arrogantly whenever there are no other elves around, trying to prove she's a 'real elf'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Double the fun
    Good to "see" ya again! Always bummed Zalrenyss and Andraste's game got caught short! Haha
    Just when it was getting (more) interesting!

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    Player : Krivak

    Character name : Kasai Taiyo . Nickname Shiro

    Age: 20
    Height: 1.72m
    Weight: 56kg
    Class Oracle
    Party role : Fire dps , semi healer

    The Nightmares.. wont go away.. A world of fire.. The rivers are made of fire.. The tree's.. Black and the leafs are flames ..
    She slowly raise her eyes to the sky... The sun is so close.. It feels like you can touch the fire spitting out from its core ..
    She raise her hands towards it.. and her fingers start to burn and the fire wants to consume her.. It start to slowly burn lower down to her hands
    A sound from behind her.. She turns around and before she can see what it is.. She wakes up .. Sweating.

    In her family she was special .. Avoided ...The other Kitsune was afraid. Magic was a strong point in their life's but the fire in Kasai wanted to consume everyone .. She barley could hold it back. Now and then things started to burn around her and she was exiled to
    a cave where she could not hurt anyone. . She never left the cave. But one day a young human boy came to the cave.. Looking for an adventure.. But found a white fox instead.. After many attempts to avoid the boy.. they became friends.. As the years went on.. The boy became a man. . And
    he always came to the cave to visit.. but one day he meet a Young girl instead of a fox.. He gave her the nickname "Shiro" white..It didnt take long for them to become more then friends.. But.. The young boy had a secret.. He was engaged with another women.. against his will by his family. The visits became less and less. then.. He was gone.
    "Shiro" who never left the cave.. Went out.. To search for the man. After awhile she found him.. In a home.. With a family..The fire inside her consumed her and she went into rage.. Next thing she remembers is the home.. Burning.. The family burning.. The man.. Burning.. She turned into her human form and tried to put out the fire..
    But it wouldnt stop burning.. She burned her hands but she kept on trying.. The skin on her hands turned black but she kept on trying.. With tears flowing down her cheek.. She kept on trying..But the lover would never again embrace her. Inside her cave once more.. She grieved.. The years passed and the burned wounds would not heal.. Her actions had cursed her.. A young boy came to the cave one day.. But this time.. Shiro was hidden.. The boy left after a short while..But it reminded her about her lover.. About the adventures he spoke of.. The next day the cave was empty... And down the trail.. a white fox with black paws could be seen

    Living the most time of her life in fox form she don't know a lot of the civilized world.. Their laws.. But is quite eager to learn new things. She avoids contact of males as mush as possible .. The memory of her lover still lingers and the burned hands reminds her with every touch.
    She seem gloomy, but underneath all the gloom Is a joyful girl..when she finds something new she smiles and laugh of excitement.

    Name Jen Bhinistha. Kitsune name Teanii

    Age : 20
    Height : 1.75
    weight : 57kg.
    Race : Kitsune
    Class : Trickster (rogue)
    Party role : Face, Scout

    Born into the Bhinistha Family with her mother a human and her father .. a magical 'beast' so the rest of the family calls him.. She was born a bastard.
    The family didnt throw her out or kill her.. As you never know .. Maybe one day something happens and all the heir's dies.. and they need .. Someone to make a new heir. She was raised as a human.. even thought they seen the marks of the kitsune.. The magical beast.. Sometimes when she gets excited her ears pops out.. sometimes her tail.. Its hard to control. But she was punished every time they showed. Her mother couldnt protect her.. She barley saw her.
    As she grew older she started to trick people.. into doing what she wanted. And if caught she could always blame someone else... It was then she met Arvn..
    A tall man with thin muscles ..long white hair with one green eye and one blue. with.. but he moved with agile steps..her father had sent him.. Another beast.
    He taught her how to control the herself.. how to use her powers.. As she grew older her tail.. grew into three.. Her magical powers of the kitsune grew stronger but with no one to teach her as Arvn didn't have the talent.. Magical items around her home would sometimes activate but she could always blame it on something else. As the time passed she was sent to a tutor to learn about the world. There she meet another girl. Lila.. Lila Thanis. She was like the sun.. Like a bright aura fending away all the darkness.. She would be something in future time.. . If she survived.
    Time passed and at day she was a proper women helping in the house, but at night she went out gathering information, looking for people who would try and hurt the family or any other request the family had...
    But beast inside her felt joy when she tricked someone .. even more when blood was shed. It scarred her sometimes.. But the excitement overpowered that fear. . so mush that sometimes she let it all out. Her ears, her tails her nose.. Freedom.
    One day she would leave this place.. The place she called home.. To find herself a new.

    Head strong, Dont take crap from no one, Likes jokes and practical jokes. Likes the sight of blood, and tricking people into doing bad things.
    Excitement can make her true form show. Her paler skin makes her stand out.

    Name : Ithil Agar

    Age :25
    Height : 1.87m
    Weight : 85kg
    Race : Half-orc
    Class - Dungeon Rover (ranger)
    Party : Scout, Range dps, trap finder.

    Born in a orc tribe with keen eyes and a abnormal perception she was forced to go deep into the dungeon to scout for danger before the
    orcs went ahead and took anything that could be taken inside. She often had to disable traps, secure parts of the walls that was about to break,
    but one day she missed one.. As the tribe went down into the cave the leader fell into a pit trap and was greatly injured.. Ithil was to blame and
    was sentence to death.. but before she was branded with a nsaty scare over her face .. leaving non-orcs to look away
    Before she was sent to her grave.. she escaped using her skills.. She unlocked the door and escaped into the wild never to see her tribe again..
    Killed again if she ever meet them again.

    Born in a Orc tribe she takes no order of someone she seem weaker then herself. A leader is strong and not afraid to take the fight.
    Serious most of the time and dont understand the human way of fun. In secret she enjoys things that looks nice to the eyes.. A flower, jewelry
    But she wont step down from a fight when it starts
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    There's already a ton of interest here, so no submission from me on this one, but I just saw so many old and familiar faces in this recruitment thread that I wanted to drop by and say hi to you all! So...hi!

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    Thanks to everyone for the interest! At this time, I am no longer accepting new applications. I'll be posting the players/characters chosen in the next 1-2 days!

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    Does my interest count as an application? I already started on a sheet and i want to know if I have a chance or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GhoulRising View Post
    Does my interest count as an application? I already started on a sheet and i want to know if I have a chance or not.
    Yes, you are still in consideration. If you could post at least a brief summary of your character, I'd appreciate it! The sheet doesn't need to be complete.

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    If that’s brief. I’m afraid to ask about a detailed back story.

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