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Thread: Chapter 8.7: The Plan

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    "Tomorrow morning then, gentlemen," says Brandon. He bows briefly before turning to depart. He wanted to find Silvart and tell her their plans to attack the fort and then head north. He explains that she may periodically receive Sendings from Vortigern who will be relaying Brandon's messages so he can check in on her and the Pride of the Past. He also warns her not to take offense to anything that Vort may say and to assume that any message she receives is probably not what Brandon said verbatim. He also cautions her that her responses are limited to 25 words. Hoping that he will see her again (and soon), but knowing that it was a dangerous world and there was a real chance he or she could die before they got the chance, he kisses her goodbye for what may be the last time.

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    "So be it." Hrothgar shakes hand with the Miser and Galmund. To the latter he only adds with a respectful nod "On the Morrow".
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