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Thread: Chapter 8.7: The Plan

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    Regan replies, "We only watched the fort activity for about 4 hours from the west side, deep in the trees. What we witnessed was a team of four ogres clearing the forest to the north side while a group of about 5 bugbears watched. One of the bugbears seemed to be the leader of sorts of that group. The bugbears patrolled the area a bit, and while they seemed very disciplined and perceptive of their surroundings, they didn't patrol the woods very deep. I would summarize their attitude as they know an attack is coming, but weren't overly concerned at the moment that it would hit, and didn't patrol far from the fort and reinforcements."

    She adds, "We didn't get a good look at the other patrol, but it appears they were working on the eastern wall, possibly constructing another tower of sorts. It was the furthest side from us. We intended to circle the fort the next day and get info on that side, but when invisibility failed and the fort went on high alert, we cut our losses and left. It appears that the orcs were working with the other group of ogres. Our numbers estimate is based on what we saw on the one patrol well, the tower guards, and what little we could see of the other workgroup."

    The Miser replies about burning the for down, "Make no mistake, our first priority is removing the threat. If burning it to the group is what you want to do, Xanthar will thank you. There is likely plenty of guild merchandise in the fort. In short, the more of it you save, the greater the monetary reward. If all of it burns to the ground to remove the threat, so be it. Of course, the high elf stated best, burning it to the ground is not our first option, but is an option."
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    Vort sat back in his seat, "Are you all crazy?" He looked at them as if they had lost their minds. "We are 5," pointing to each and then himself, "5 men, and you think that somehow we will prevail against 8 ogres, 20 orcs and a dozen bugbears? You're all fucking crazy. Each Ogre is a match for one of us. Do you think this will be a matter of us picking them off one by one? They'll swarm and kill us! This requires an army to go with us, an army, not a handful of support. The fact they killed someone with invisibility also makes for concern since that means stealth will be out of the question. I have no desire to die a certain death. This talk of burning them out, then having to outrun them chasing us, sounds stupid too since it's 200' of open area." Shaking his head, "This is no mere adventure that can be overcome with stealth and guile, this needs brute force, and that requires an army we don't have. Why this town doesn't have an army, beats the shit out of me."

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    Galmund had been mostly silent up until this point. He adds, "The Golden Gauntlet could certainly help, for a price. We could create a distraction and lead a group away. We obviously won't know what will follow us. And, of course, we'll want a cut of the profits, but we can assist."

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    "How many men?" Vort asked.

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    Rian said, "I think you underestimate us and our allies. Yes, ogres are formidable foes, that's why we need to strike a group of four or five while they're outside the fort. It's most important that we delay or prevent reinforcements. If we don't change the tide here, then this fort will become a permanent feature forever blocking trade between Xanthar and Alliance."

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    Kalthanar agrees with Rian, "It is imperative we ambush those ogres outside of the fort first. Victory depends on fighting the enemy in smaller groups."

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    Galmund pulls on his beard for a few moments. He says, "Any less than about 15 men would be suicide. I could try to have a half dozen men attack and then retreat, trying to get some to chase us into a larger force. Pay would be high for the diversion force since they'll take the brunt of things."

    The Miser proposes, "I realize that we're getting ahead of ourselves, but I propose splitting the profits three ways. The Balanced Scales, the Golden Gauntlet, and the Sentinels. Most of the items being housed in the fort once belonged to the Balanced Scales. Given that, I propose 50% of the profits go back to the Balanced Scales. Since the Sentinels are taking the larger risk I propose 35% profits. 15% would go to the Golden Gauntlet for their assistance."

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    Kalthanar turns to look at Vortigern who always took the lead on profit margins and such.

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    Vort starts counting on his fingers, "35% of nothin' is nothin', divided by 5 is still nothin'." Vort holds up his counting hand with his forefinger touching his thumb to indicate a big fat 0. "Thats what I get. Now, I'll be the first to say that we ain't doing this for profit, we're doing this for Alliance. But! If our partners are thinking of taking the Fort and splitting up the shares, then it's not going to be a payday for them when it all burns down."

    Looking to Rian, "Bugbears ain't that stupid. They're not going to keep sending ogres or orcs out and they're going to hold up in that fort. All we would be doing is announing our presence. If you think we can take the fort with subterfuge, then you've been hit on the head one too many times."

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    Kalthanar scowls, "So you truly expect to burn them out when it is all said and done?"

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