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Thread: Chapter 8.7: The Plan

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    Default Chapter 8.7: The Plan

    OOC: If we don't have the other activities wrapped up soon, I'll close them regardless and advance to this one.


    On the fifth day after agreeing to the scouting, a page finds the Sentinels are summoned to the Balanced Scale guild. Hrothgar is familiar with it, but is disappointed again as Vellona isn’t at the front desk. The group checks their weapons at the door, with ten Golden Gauntlet members there to guard them. One of the Golden Gauntlet men salutes the Sentinels, which shocks pretty much everyone, including the Sentinels and some of the other mercenary members.

    The group is led back to a banquet area. A lavish meal of duck, leg of lamb, some uncooked fish rolled in rice, various puddings, several unusual fruits shaped like stars, various breads, and a selection of several soups. The Miser is dressed less formally and greets each of them warmly as they enter the room. Also in the room is Galmund, the dwarf from the Golden Gauntlet, a short comely red robed wizard named Regan, and a rather small halfling named Clas. Without stating it openly, you get the opinion that these two additions to the room were the scouts sent to the fort to obtain information.

    As the group is seated, The Miser asks that all business questions be held until after the meal, so that the wait staff are not part of the business discussions. As food is served, casual conversation is made, and The Miser asks how the group is enjoying their stay in Xanthar so far.
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    "It has been entertaining thus far, good food, women and pit-fighting, although I confess I expected to fight against Warriors .... not puddings" Hrothgar states with wry amusement.
    Corn canít expect justice from a court composed of chickens.

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    Kalthanar takes a bite of the duck, "It has been pleasant. There are many pastimes here that are not available in Alliance."

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    Rian enjoyed the food. "It was productive to be in a trade city and make the necessary purchases to upgrade my armor. I look forward to a productive meeting."

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    As the group finishes their meal, the wait staff cleans things up and delivers a tray containing an assortment of small pastries of varied flavors for the group. With their work completed, they leave the group to their dessert and lock the door behind them.

    The Miser says, "Now down to business." He looks at Clas who clears his throat and doesn't touch his dessert.

    After a few seconds he says, "Three of us took the very generous offer to scout the fort. Regan, myself, and a third scout named Terious. The fort itself is probably 300 feet square and has a log wall around it, which is generally about 6-8 feet tall. The construction is not stellar, being little more than fallen trees. It is crude, but effective. To make the fort, the surrounding woods have been fairly leveled. To the north is the closest wooded area, which is around 200 foot of open space to the wall. Most other directions, it's around 300 feet of open space to the wall."

    He continues, "At the 4 corners of the fort, there are lookout towers built, which are of much better construction than the wall. Orcs and bugbears, who are generally not friendly to each other, seem to have set aside their differences to unite under one banner, a spiked, flaming fist. The 4 towers generally have at least 2 occupants, typically orcs in them. During the day, at least 8 ogres do most of the grunt work clearing the woods. They generally build large bonfires at night to light up the area pretty good. The inside of the fort is pretty well lit, while the outside is less so."

    He pauses and says, "There are at least 4 major structures inside the fort. One looks to be an ogre base given it's size and what we can see over the wall. It is more on the northern side. One building is in the center and appears to be a temple of some sort. The other two are harder to see but are towards the southwest and southeast. There are other smaller structures inside, but we can't see much over the wall."

    He says, "There is a large wooden door that is open through the day but mostly closed at night on both the east and west sides of the wall. We opted to try to gain some insight inside the fort, and Terious opted to enter the fort before the gates closed one evening under Regan's invisibility spell." He pauses and adds, "Shortly after he would have entered the fort, Regan said that her spell had ended because Terious had been killed. We retreated quickly as horns started blaring and patrols were sent out."

    He finishes, "Terious was a good scout and invisible. I don't know what happened to him, but... I speculate either someone there has the ability to see something invisible or there was some trap that caught him. Either way, our best guess right now is probably 8 or so ogres, maybe 15-20 orcs, and a dozen bugbears."

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    Rian finishes a bite of his pastry and then inquires, "Do the 8 ogres work as a unit in a single area of the forest? Or do they spread out over a large area? If we could take out at least half of the ogres in an attack and keep them from summoning the others with a silence spell we would improve our chances against the fort itself. We'd have to strike fast and hard. A wooden fort will also be a good target for fire."

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    Kalthanar nods, “I agree. I would prefer to remove the ogres first so that we do not have to battle the whole fort at once.”

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    “Why don’t we just burn it down and clean up the aftermath,” asks Brandon. He thinks back to Vud’s comments regarding his idea to use of a lightning bolt to open a simple door.

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    Kalthanar looks to their hosts, “That is not necessarily our first option.” He clears his throat, “Anyway I am far more concerned that invisibility failed. That suggests magic of some kind.”

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