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Thread: Chapter 8.6: Knock Knock... Who's There?

  1. Default Chapter 8.6: Knock Knock... Who's There?

    After completing his test, Brandon the White is shown to his personal, private study - a small, 15x15 foot room in one of the middle levels of the tower - where he rests for the evening. The next day, he invites the Sentinels into his study so they can attempt to open the doorknob again. He reminds everyone that the vision he shared with Kyricus showed the Burrows tower under attack by elves and a black robe threatening to activate a mysterious "orb." Brandon hypothesizes that something - most likely the orb - teleported the tower to another plane leaving the magic doorknob the only piece of the lost tower left on the Material Plane. "Once we open the door, we should check on our note and see if they returned the dagger and circlet. Then we should try to use the planar focus and get some answers to some of the questions we have... Thoughts?"

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    Kalthanar replies, “That is the plan yes. Let us hope they returned the items or at least wrote us back.”

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    "Aye, ready," says Vort.

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    Kalthanar turns to Vortigern, "I would like to test a theory. Vortigern could you cast a Sending to one of those wizards we saw in the vision? I believe if you cast the spell within the room you will be in the same space and time as the occupants and thus be able to contact them."

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    "I'm not sure that will work," Vort replies, "I'm not that familiar with them."
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    "Lets do it after we open the door," Vort adds. "It may help against the Planar interference. Which one do you want me to Send to and what do you want said?"

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    "Definitely wait until we search the room first," states Kalthanar. "I would suggest contacting the red robed halfling wizard named Jamison."
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    Vort nods.

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    Brandon opens the door and the group peers inside. The planar focus remains inside, intact. The note is still there, but added to the bottom of it, words have been added. It says simply, "We needed them."

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    Hrothgar laughs.

    "Well there you go.... at least they answered. Perhaps you should ask them what they needed them for that they assume we did not need them for?"
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