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Thread: Chapter 8.6: Knock Knock... Who's There?

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    "Sure," Brandon replies. He gets up and goes to find Kyricus, Silvart, or Sandi to ask for a quill, inkwell, and some spare parchment. Assuming he is successful, he will write the following:

    "Dear Strangers:

    We believe this room is part of an extradimensional space which was once part of the Tower of Sorcery located in the Burrows. We can only access this room once per week using a magic doorknob. We cast a spell (Legend Lore) which showed us the history of the doorknob including an attack on the tower by the elves of Etoile. Someone named Shamix wanted to activate an "orb" which we believe may have teleported the tower (minus the doorknob) to another plane of existence. We have tried casting Sendings to Shamix and Jameson, but we did not receive a response. We also left two important items - a circlet and dagger - in this room, which you apparently needed for something. We are leaving you this spare parchment so you can write us back. We will check the room again in a week's time. Please tell us who you are, where you are, why you needed our items, and if you think there is anything we can do to help you or help restore the Tower. Also, if you are done with the items, we would very much like them back, if only to examine them. If you still believe you need them, please explain why and leave them in the room in a week's time so we might examine them briefly. It is possible that if we can figure out a way to get the timing down, you might be able to enter the room before we open the door and escape from wherever you may be trapped. The only concern is that the room may run out of air, or you may run out of food or drink. We are trying to work on a way to allow someone to survive a week in the room without shitting everywhere and then dying of thirst.


    The Sentinels of Alliance"

    OOC: If anyone wants to add anything, Brandon will write it down as well... just figured this was the easiest way. Also, if you think I have said too much, let me know and we can pull some info out.
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    "Damn good writing there," Vort says.

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    "Thanks," says Brandon, as he tries to imagine how big of an hourglass they would need to measure the passage of exactly one week... "Twenty-four times seven is one hundred forty plus twenty-eight... One hundred sixty-eight... A regular hourglass is about twenty-five gold and weighs one pound... so an hourglass that could count 168 hours would weigh 168 pounds and cost... fuck... okay, twenty-five times one hundred sixty-eight... oh fuck it," he thinks to himself.

    He grabs one of the pieces of parchment and rips of a small piece to do the math by hand. "Twenty-five times eight is two hundred. Plus twenty-five times sixty which is one thousand five hundred. Plus twenty-five times one hundred which is twenty-five hundred. Twenty-five hundred plus fifteen hundred plus two hundred... Four thousand two hundred."

    "Fuck," he says aloud as he finishes his scribbling.

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    "That is certainly going the extra mile," compliments Kalthanar. "I think you need to tell them that the Great Wars are over. They probably have no idea Alliance exists and that the elves are no longer their enemy."
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    Vort nods, "Yeah, and adding the current date and time may help too."

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    Brandon adds the date and time to the top of the note before adding “P.S. In case you were teleported to a different time as well, you should know The Great Wars are over and the elves are relatively peaceful now. No, this is not some kind of elaborate hoax.”

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