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Thread: Chapter 50.1 The Cave of Doom, Maybe.

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    The small village extends out a bit further than Sully's darkvision.

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    After relaying this information back, Axar prepares to follow Sully forward, 30' behind him.

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    Ivar sticks to the light, but follows along as best as he can behind Axar, hoping that the light will at least move along as well. His listens carefully as his eyes strain to make out the shapes as they appear out of the darkness ahead.

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    As the group moves forward with the aid of light spells and a torch, they come to the opening of the cavern of the ghost town and indeed, it apparently looks uninhabited.

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    Axar looks at Hildegard and says, "Where is the other sock?"

    He then muses aloud, "Maybe they mostly come out at night? Mostly?"

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    Zavros walks to catch up with Axar.

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    Axar examines the stonework, trying to determine who built it, and how long ago.

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    Walden paces carefully around the houses, looking fit signs of habitation, such as footprints or tracks. If he sees any, he tries to assess their age and creature type.

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