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Thread: Chapter 50.1 The Cave of Doom, Maybe.

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    Default AC: 17; 95/95 HP raging

    Axar's feral instincts kick in as he hears Sully's cry. He instantly rages, preparing for the worst. He draws kinslayer and attempts to get clear of the danger.

    OOC: rage per feral instincts and try to get clear of the danger. Movement is 35'.
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    Althir AC: 17 HP: 54

    Althir dances to avoid the falling rocks. The fendari points the wand of Ariendel at a stalactite attempting to use eldritch blast to push a falling stalactite away from Axar's position.

    Eldritch Blast beam 1
    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(1d20+11) (14) [25]

    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(1d10+4) [7]

    Eldritch Blast beam 2
    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(1d20+11) (12) [23]

    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(1d10+4) [10]

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    26 hp
    18 AC
    6/7 ki

    Seeing the falling stalactites, Walden should "Move, move, falling rocks," and he looks to run to safety. He move backwards towards, and on the way he grabs Cormack and tries to pull him along with him.

    OOC Mechanics:
    Move 45 feet backwards
    On the way, grapple Cormack (if he allows it) and drag him with me to try to escape the danger zone
    At the end, I release the grapple and use 1 ki to dodge, just in case we're still in the danger zone

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    With everyone except Althir moving back, some by themselves, others with the help of their friends, a few of the Piercers fall where the group was and one narrowly misses Althir who is still in the danger zone. Any travel through this area would incur further attacks from above.

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    Axar looks at the skeletal remains of the body. He tries to determine how difficult it would be to get to the remains and pull them back to safety to examine them further. After thinking about it a minute though, Axar is clueless though about moving skeletal remains while dodging objects from above.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollinvestigation maybe - (d20) (2) [2]
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    Axar comes out of his rage and asks, "Okay. So how important exactly is that sock exactly? I could rush in and get it, but it's gonna hurt. I'm interested on how that sock ended up floating down the stream as it did. Based on the remains, this body has been here a while, and the body isn't in a stream. So someone or something lured us here."

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    **She felt wonderful.... hard and soft... and GDIT IVAR FOCUS!**

    He puts a fair bit of distance between himself and Hilde - now that she is safe from the falling rocks.....

    Stammering slightly he responds to Axar -

    "Aye I... I was thinking something similar.... and are those...... alive?" he points at one of the "rocks" in question. "And if so.... do we kill it?"
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    Althir backs up to join his companions.

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    Axar states, "We could just fireball the ceiling. Blow the whole thing to shit. Don't know if it would kill them, but it might. Or it might shake them loose."

    He looks at Ivar and says, "Why don't you shoot one of the fallen ones a few times with your bow and see how hard they are to kill?"

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