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Thread: Chapter 50.1 The Cave of Doom, Maybe.

  1. Default Chapter 50.1 The Cave of Doom, Maybe.

    It doesn't take long for the group to arrive at the Chapel of Bramsun. It is still closed and will be for another hour and a half or so. Making their way north, the group climbs over some rough terrain, but it isn't long--maybe 5 minutes, before they come to the cave.

    cave mouth.PNG
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    Axar had followed the others and learned little more after his trip into the forest other than he wasn't the only creature struggling with finding a mate in the world. Still, he wasn't sure what to expect.

    He repeats the question in his head again, but aloud this time, "A child's sock? Really?"

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    Zavros mutters, "The water will make it difficult to sneak into the cave. Hildegard can you cast a blessing to allow us to walk on water?"

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    Althir said, "I can cast fly and carry everyone over to the cave and then cast invisibility on Sully so he can scout."

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    Axar says, "Flying would work. Are we waiting to discuss this with the chaplain or are we just going into the cave looking for the owner of a... sock?"
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    Cormack looks at the water and says, "I'm less worried about the water than what might be behind it.

    "Tell me: does anyone here have skill with forestcraft? Tracking? We might be able to get some clues as to what lies ahead. I doubt who or whatever might be in there never ventures out. There are creatures that don't like light, beings too, but I have found more living things that use caves for occasional shelter than ones that stay in one constantly."

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    "I've spent enough time wandering through the woods, going from town to town selling beer, that I've got a decent nose for the aromas of the forest," Walden says. "So to speak."

    Walden leans down, sniffs at the dirt, and then starts moving around, staring at the ground with a bizarre look of fascination.

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    The only tracks Cormack finds are those of Hilde and Ivar on their previous trek here. Nothing else is out of the ordinary and the cave mouth, to Sully's perception, doesn't seem to harbor anything but a source of fresh water.

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    Althir says, "Do you want me to fly everyone over?"

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