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Thread: Chapter 50.1 The Cave of Doom, Maybe.

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    Sully looks about and there are about 7 exits out of this lake area, so he stands still contemplating which one to go through.
    ooc: choose a number

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    Cormack notes nothing of interest, or anything unusual as he looks around.

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    Heading south, Sully comes to a three way intersection. There are tunnels to the left and right and a tunnel straight ahead which seems to have been dug and broken through a stone constructed wall. It becomes apparent that these tunnels were not constructed by picks and shovels, but either naturally, or by brute force by some creature.

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    As Walden follows Sully, he decides to cut across the water to enjoy a bit of water walking. His path takes him across the easternmost island and across the eastern part of the lake. As he moves, he peers into the water and the island for signs of anything notable, including any signs of life or habitation.

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    Hildegard informs Sully that the sock, from her position at the southern edge of the lake, is now to the ESE since they have moved straight south and about 200' away.

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    Axar looks back at the others. He thinks to himself, "Damn this place is big!" He wonders if they should stop and explore some of side passages to keep anything from getting behind them.

    He continues looking for signs of passage and moving quietly while trying to stay 30' behind the big, hairy spider.

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    Looking about, Neither Walden or Axar note anything unusual.

    ooc: tracking is survival roll.

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