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Thread: Chapter 50.1 The Cave of Doom, Maybe.

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    Sully watches as his friends literally fly into action. He feels a sense of helplessness so he does what he can to ensure no other threats are looming.

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    Althir AC 17 HP 54/54

    The fendari warlock continues to concentrate on the fly spell.

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    Soaring to the ceiling, Zavros unleashes a torrent of attacks, taking large chunks of stone out of the creatures protective shell. On Zavros' fourth strike, his blade snaps in two after striking the hard stone carapace of the creature. Still alive, Axar's raged attack finishes off the beast--his magical axe lopping off the top of the creatures spire. Walden, who tried to attack, but didn't fair very well, could only helplessly watch Hildegard being flung aside and falls with a crunch to the hard ground below.

    Although not able to see anything, or discern where it's coming from, there is a strong tremor in the ground that everyone on the ground could feel.

    ooc: you can talk, but be aware something is coming. 1 person roll Init for the future.

    Hilde takes 9hp damage from the drop.

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    Zavros remains floating near the ceiling and tries to discern exactly where this new creature will surface and has exactly no idea where it will occur. He curses and throws aside his broken sword.

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    Freed Hildegard gathers the broken shards. She prays. The goddess begins to mend the sword, but before it can be fully repaired, the ground rumbles loudly.

    ooc: 1 combat round by Thursday night or sooner. You do not see whatever is causing the ground from rumbling as it is moving, but has not arrived yet. Mend has not worked yet.
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    Sully tries to find a stalagmite or large rock or something to try and hide behind. An alcove he could hide in would be even better since he isn't sure where the creature is coming from.

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    Ivar - AC20 - HPs 57/57 - L1 4/4, L2 1/3, L3 2/3, L4 3/3, L5 1/1, BI 2/3

    Ivar also has no idea where the ground rumbling is coming from....

    "Err Guys... are we really going to just stand here for whatever this is?"

    Assuming no one moves he will back up also trying to find something to hide behind (or in - perhaps a mine cart if there is one on the tracks?) Otherwise if we book it.... then he is running along with them.

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    Default Chapter 50.1 The Cave of Doom, Maybe.

    Axar floats down, stopping 10 feet off the ground. He tells Hildegard, "Somethingís coming! Forget about the sword and heal yourself or bless us!"

    He tosses a hand axe to Zavros.

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    Althir moves back, but keeps his eyes on his flying companions maintaining his concentration.

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    Cormack, not sure what to do, seeks cover & readies himself to dodge.

    Move up to 30 feet towards cover, dodge

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