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Thread: Chapter 50.1 The Cave of Doom, Maybe.

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    "No," says Zavros, "I want Hildegard to cast water walk on everyone first."

    OOC: Jim can you please have Hildegard cast water walk? It's a ritual.

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    At Zavros' request, Hildegard spends 10 long minutes in prayer on the ritual of Water Walking and imbues the group with her goddesses blessing.

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    Axar moves forward and tests the water. He then says, "I want near the front. I ain't much good in the back. Sully, you joining me up here to look for traps, or... other socks?"

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    Cormack asks, "How long will this last?"

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    Zavros gestures to the cave, “Now Ivar can scout ahead.”

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    Axar floats on top of the water and discerns, since no one stepped forward to actually check on the depth of the water, that it was anywhere from 1' to 2' deep at it's deepest. Looking beyond, Ivar only see's about 60' into the cave and notes it starts to turn to the right.

    ooc: you will need a light source after this point for those that don't have darkvision.
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    Sully nods in response to Axar's question, "Aye, I will help check for traps. Does someone have a light?" he asks as he moves towards the front of the pack, keeping his eyes peeled.

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    Ivar will follow close behind whomever has the light. Also keeping as quiet as possible. His eyes also straining in the dark to spot any tracks or signs of anything else in the cave.... a large animal or otherwise.

    Stealth roll was done in Rolls Thread. (was a 22)
    [rollv=Checking for Tracks]1d20[rollv] im never sure if its perception or survival for tracks.... Survival is +5, Perception is +9.

    Tracking Also in Rolls due to broken formula was a 14 + whichever mod applies.
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    Zavros hisses, “Sully transform into something that can see in the dark.”

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