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Thread: Chapter 51 Aftermath

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    The group sits silently for an hour as the lifeless body of Cormack lays in the corner, covered over with his cloak.

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    Ivar wills his body to heal, even as the pain in his leg subsides he knows its not going to be a pretty sight. Oh well... chicks dig scars.... he thinks to himself.

    He looks over to the covered body and he shakes his head sadly, wondering if he was about to be haunted by another ghost.
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    Default Chapter 51 Aftermath

    Axar is grateful to see his comrades, save for Cormack coming back to consciousness. He looks at the dead body that they risked much to recover, and quietly wanders to himself what mysteries it holds.

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    As Walden's fury diminishes, he stares at the body and offers to help someone else investigate the remains more carefully.

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    With Cormack dead Zavros unbuckles the Belt of Baen and clasps it around his waist.

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    Althir bends over Cormack's body. The warlock takes out his Book of Ancient Secrets and begins casting the ritual of Gentle Repose.

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    Attempting to fasten about his waist, the Belt of Baen snaps in two. Zavros can see that the belt had been damaged by the acid and was now worthless.

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    Zavros releases a string of obscenities, "That was a damn fine belt - ruined - with naught to show for it!"
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    Althir looks over at Cormack before addressing the Moonlit Swords. "We'll need to raise the gold to raise Cormack from the dead. I hope we can find that here in the lair of the Purple worm."

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    Zavros shakes his head, “Look at him. He’ll never go wenching again. Do we still bring him back? Oh and one final thing. Deranged Superior will ask a favor we will regret.”

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