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  1. Default Character XP, Inspiration Pts, Alignment Marks, Sheets & Descriptions

    A place for players to post they Character Backgrounds (once approved by the DM) and Descriptions to other players can get to know them a little better without digging through old posts. Also, the current level for the characters posted below:

    CURRENT CHARACTER EXPERIENCE POINTS: (10th:64000; 11th: 85000)
    70505 (10th) Althir
    70715 (10th) Axar
    54475 (9th) Cormack
    70315 (10th) Hildegard
    70875 (10th) Ivar
    54225 (9th) Sully
    54705 (9th) Walden
    69925 (10th) Zavros

    Updated: 11/15/19 through Chapter 58


    Ivar (2)

    2 - Althir
    1 - Cormack
    1 - Hildegard
    1 - Ivar
    1 - Zavros

    Character Sheets:








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    Zavros Image.png

    Name: Zavros Dragonsbane
    Race: Human
    Height: 6’0”
    Weight: 182
    Age: 23
    Eyes: Gray
    Hair: Black
    Skin: Fair

    Appearance - Zavros is dressed in a breastplate with a pair of pistols tucked into his belt. A sword hangs on his hip. On his shield is painted the symbol of a dragon.

    Stay away from them. They are men of the most dangerous sort.” These were the words of warning uttered to the child Zavros when he first saw his father Drago from afar through a smoke filled tavern. His father and his companions were dressed in black leathers and wore badges emblazoned with a gold cross. No one dared approached them. “Stupid boy!” Zavros was roughly yanked backward out of sight when he started walking toward the group. He would never lay eyes upon his father again although rumors of Drago's savagery would remain with the lad his whole life.

    When Zavros grew to adulthood he joined the crew of the Breakneck, a sloop-of-war under Captain Gregor. The ship was one of many Stormgate privateers that plundered merchant vessels bearing the flag of Aquilar. The sea lane between the Aquilar and Temekula was particularly prized as ships carried the wealth of Temekula back to the Empire. The fabled galleon the Empress was rumored to overflow with gold and jewels.

    Last season the Breakneck was ambushed by the Black Razor, once a Stormgate ship, but now a privateer under Letter of Marque to Aquilar. The Breakneck was outclassed and barely escaped; its mizzenmast was destroyed in a shower of splinters by a lightning bolt sent from the Black Razor. The Breakneck limped back to Stormgate and required extensive repairs over the winter to make her seaworthy. It was during this time that Zavros made his way to Saykn’s Caravanserai, and then to Jasrel, eventually joining the Company of the Moonlit Swords.
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    Name: Althir
    Race: Fendari
    Ht: 5' 10"
    Wt: 165
    Age: 20
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Red
    Skin: Fair

    Althir traditionally wears a red jerkin with a black cloak. The collar of the cloak is trimmed in red and turned up.
    fair skin
    fey, a thin angular face
    red hair cut short

    Althir has the look of a fey blood, a thin angular face, long delicate looking fingers. But, his short red hair and height mark him as humani.

    Althir spent most of his early life at the caravanserai. Most of his knowledge comes from stories told by travelers. The caravanserai is a safe haven on the road, but it does not have much in the way of opportunity. The only work in the caravanserai is related to the task of being a way station on the road. Althir took care of horses and mules, repaired wagons, loaded and unload goods. He knew bartenders, storytellers, bar wenches, prostitutes, and mercenaries. The only public worship Althir knew of was of Teslar. He worshiped Teslar, and followed the path.

    Althir believed that Teslar led him on a path to knowledge. His discussions included a humani bard from Jasrel, Kirn, and the dwarro bard of Stormgate, Kilkarian.

    Althirís mother died in childbirth, She was an eridani knight. His father always refused to discuss her except to say she was very brave. Aeron, Althirís father, even refused to tell his son her name. He claimed he didnít want his son chasing off into the forests searching for an eridani family that would disown him or perhaps even kill him.

    Althir grew tired of the dust in the summer and the mud in the winter. He earned passage to Jasrel. In Jasrel he began an apprenticeship at the library. Althir hoped to become a great researcher. In the caravanserai, he learned oral traditions from bards and storytellers. In Jasrel he learned from books and scrolls. Althir knows that libraries and bards only have some of the knowledge.

    elf inquisitor by Gerry Arthur deviant art
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    Name: Axar Darkbrew
    Race: Dwarro (Dwarf)
    Height: 4'6"
    Weight: 145
    Age: 176
    Eyes: His irises are a strange yellow tint
    Hair: Dark brown with traces of gray
    Skin: slightly tan - generally shirtless

    Axar Darkbrew looks relatively average for a dwarro. He has long, thick dark brown bushy hair to his shoulders and a corresponding thick bushy mustache and beard. His eyes contrast this look, as they are a strange yellow tint. He wears a red bandanna across his brow, covering the front of his thick black hair. What little skin is visible on his face looks to have a fair bit of sun exposure, suggesting that Axar has not spent his life below ground as many of his brethren. His shoulders are broad, even by dwarro standards, and his beard has a few patches of gray hinting at his age. While Axar is proud of his physique, he's equally proud of his beer gut.

    It's rare to catch the dwarro smiling. He wears no visible armor (or shirt for that matter), and his pants look well worn. He carries a very large, well-cared-for magical great ax that is larger than he is. Dwarven runes are inscribed across the large double sided blade. Axar has two very large tattoos. The first is a full back tattoo of a pack of wolves. The full chest tattoo is of the clan logo.

    Axar is full of "wisdom" from many years of life. "Act first, think later." is one of his mottos.

    If the following image had a red bandanna on it, it would be pretty close:
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    Post Hildegard

    Hildegard, Daughter of the Tempest, is dark haired, brown-eyed, hair tied behind her head. She wears simple light grey clothes or scale mail armor, shield and trident. She is young.

    Her tone is sincere and solemn. She has a vivid imagination and is very hard working. Her propensity for theories of conspiracy and her linking things that do not always make sense to be linked give this away. She believes a crisis is coming.

    She thinks the best of other people, despite her insightfulness, and this can be a weakness. She does not knowingly tell lies.

    She is fit and skilled in seacraft, at home on small sloops, cogs and coracles.

    Her induction into the priesthood of Ceara, the water goddess, did not change her generous and culture affirming nature, and perhaps it was not meant to. She explains that water and the sea represent chaos, new life and surprise, both good and evil. Each must embrace the chaos within and without, and sacrifice though effort to make things better at every level.

    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown

    Str: 10, Dx: 10 Con: 14
    Int:12 Wis:20 Cha: 13

    Skills: Investigation, Athletics, Religion, Insight, Persuasion, Perception
    Tools: Navigation.
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    Default Ivar

    Race - Human
    Age - 21 - He is not sure of his birthdate - so he just "Picked the first day of the Year" when he was around 10.... and its been 11 years since then.
    Height - 6'2"
    Weight - 174 lbs (Athletic Build. - Lean, well toned, quite muscular in the upper arms and shoulders - typical Archer's form).
    Hair - Blonde (almost white), Just below shoulder length, but he keeps it bound so that it remains out of his eyes and bow.
    Eyes - Ice Blue, but can appear almost navy blue around the outer edges of his iris.

    He has a youthful charm and innocence to his appearance. However at times his bardic side does spring forth with a rather dashing smile and there is usually a glint of mischief in his eyes.

    Since joining the Moonlit Swords he has gone from near rags to riches in his appearance. He wears the complete Linraal Set, Studded Leather Armor (bark studs), cloak, and boots. He also recently won the Golden Arrow competition during the recent festival and won a white Ash longbow, with gold filigree etched into it. He has also attached his magical bowstring to this bow. Recently Knighted by King Danial of Jasrel, he also has a white belt around his waist, upon which he has his dagger and conduit attached to. His instrument of choice is a Lute, but he has an affinity with the horn as well, something just calls to him when he blasts that long, mournful note from a well made Horn. At one point he even possessed the great horn Gjallr, but he traded it to Revi, companion of Johnny, in exchange for the Dragon Bone and Ritual for his conduit. A deal well made, in his mind, even if it felt like a part of his soul was being traded.


    Ivar has come a long way since meeting with the Moonlit Swords that fateful day in Fennon Goroth. A young impetuous boy has grown into a mature, responsible - more or less - young man in barely half a year. Going from strength to strength, he forges ahead into whatever comes next, knowing he does so with his friends at his side.

    Upon arriving back at Jasrel from Fennon, he set about establishing a Messenger Service and giving some of his closest Urchin friends employment and a safe place from the streets. Whilst for one of those friends it was a new life that came too late, for Percy, Mikken, Tobias and Kurt, its been a whirlwind of being valuable, wanted, and indeed Needed. Something many Urchins never know. Percy has shown himself to be a loyal and gifted Manager at running the business when Ivar is off adventuring. And with an appearance of Runt's ghost asking for Justice, perhaps even he will be at peace and safety at long last.

    After a swift and bloody revolution, Ivar was Knighted by King Danial "The Wise" 1st and 35th King of Jasrel, He choose the name of Sir Ivar Strongbow. for his Hearldry he choose a Field of Green, with a Seam of Black and three Gold Arrowheads.

    At the Spring of 1018 - Ivar is no longer the fresh faced, innocent lad the group first met. He is an experienced adventurer and finally growing out a well kept beard. He is also at this point a Level 9 Bard.

    Hit Level 10 Now.... going strong.


    Sir Ivar Strongbow - Heraldry.JPG

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    Name: Cormack Pearbranch

    Race: Humani
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 160 lbs
    Age: 29
    Eyes: Clear Blue
    Hair: Black with brown highlights
    Skin: Pale mocha

    Cormack is from the desert and it shows. He usually keeps his head wrapped in a turban that frames his face and he wears loose, linen clothing when comfort allows. Otherwise, he dresses in whatever works for the climate he's in. His fingers are ink stained and he wears a moustache and beard. Since travelling south, he's taken to wearing a brown tunic, black pants, and dark red vest.

    When his head is uncovered, his hair is a bit unkempt and usually a little longer than necessary. He is a thin man, but not sickly looking, just very lean. he has a few scars on his body, some that look like they came from serious cuts, and a series of tiny scars around his left eye, with one more over his right and another on his right cheek, going straight back to his ear.

    He has a pleasant voice with a muddled accent, mostly from God's Home but muted by his study into other languages.

    He carries a staff which is sturdy enough to strike someone, but is carved with numbers runes and sigils. He wears a long slender blade on his belt and a pouch full of sling stones. There is another small pouch at his throat which contains a dull, dark garnet (His philospher's stone) and a small wooden bead that looks like it may have been carved into some animal shape very, very long ago.

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    Walden the Indolent


    Class: Monk
    Race: Fendari
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 160
    Gender: Male

    Walden grew up in Shinai, in the Kohaki Temple, where he earned a reputation as an impulsive and lazy child. His attitude improved over time, but he wanderlust and curiosity remained strong. The son of a Fendari (Wood-elf) woman (Ellolyn) and a human monk (Huntu the Gracious), he was raised primarily by his father's temple, and visited only occasionally by his mother, who gave him to the temple for fear of being ostracized from her own community, which is nestled in the woods a few miles from the Temple.

    In reality, Walden wasn't lazy, although he wasn't overly ambitious, either. Mostly he was selectively fascinated, bored by the rote learning and ritualistic traditions practiced in the temple. He longed to explore the world and to make new, interesting friends. Kneeling in meditation was far less interesting to him than watching ants scrambling across the ground for a piece of sugar candy.

    Then one day he got drunk and wake up on a ship heading toward a new world.

    More Notes:
    His father is still in a member of the temple
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    Name: Sullivan Meadows
    Race: Loewin (Ghostwise Halfling)
    Height: 3'
    Weight: 35 lbs.
    Age: 32
    Eyes: Light brown
    Hair: Dark brown with a short, scruffy beard
    Skin: Light bronze

    A lithe rogue, Sully is also partially trained in the art of druidcraft under the Circle of the Moon. He can Wildshape into different beast forms which sometimes help him infiltrate into compounds and warehouses where he "procures" various items of interest. When in human form, Sully typically wears simple leather armor over a plain tunic and britches, and he carries a rapier and shield, a pair of daggers, and a shortbow with a quiver of arrows. He also wears a green, hooded cloak fastened with a jade tree brooch his mother gave him, and a thick leather belt adorned with various pouches for his lockpicks, coins, and space for collecting other trinkets. Sully does not wear boots.

    Image of the jade brooch:

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