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Thread: Chapter 50.1 The Cave of Doom, Maybe.

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    Heading east now, Sully travels carefully, but not very stealthily, and comes to a dead end.

    ooc: if you do not roll, I use passive.

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    Turning around, Sully informs Axar there is a dead end this way and tries the southern passage hoping it turns easy soon.

    OOC: It says when you wild shape, you assume the creatures physical stats (STR, DEX, and CON) but keep your own INT, WIS, and CHA. You keep your skill proficiencies but if the creature has a higher bonus, you use that. Based on my calculations, Sully the Spider is +7 to Perception (passive 17) and +9 Stealth (passive 19).
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    Sully scurries south and enters into a 20'x30' room that has four pedestals, each with the bust of someone covered in heavy dust and cobwebs. There is a passage to his right that turns south; a passage to this left the continues on into darkness but has two doors to either side of the hallway; and the room he is in has a set of stairs to the south going down into darkness--the door blocking his way, is barely held in place and has many large holes covering it's face to look beyond.

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