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Thread: Chapter 50.1 The Cave of Doom, Maybe.

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    Althir says, "Let's check out the mine with the tracks towards the East. The passage to the west is what killed the familiar. Sully and Scymon will lead the way checking for traps. Axar and Walden will follow behind, then Cormack and Hildegard, and finally Zavros and myself."

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    "Makes sense to me," Walden says. "If that doesn't work, we could head upstream and follow where the river splits, to the east of that weird, abandoned city."

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    "Can you send a familiar to the east first to make sure the air is safe?" asks Zavros.

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    Althir mentally commands one of the bats to fly into the eastern cave.

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    Cormack says, "I am in favor of this plan."

    He sets his weasel on the ground to walk beside them.

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    Axar volunteers, "Look, I'm not anxious to get poisoned, but dwarro are naturally resistant to poison. If the familiar didn't die instantly, I'd be willing to scout that are at some point if you'd like. After we find the sock probably. Just an idea."

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    "Your turn this time," says one familiar to the other. The familiar that had flown north into the lake cavern, flew to the east and saw the same thing the other familiar had--mining cart tracks. He sniffs the air and says, "Nothing here boss," and hovers in place awaiting further orders.


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    Althir mentally contacts the familiar, "We'll be there soon."

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    Axar states, "if there are mining tracks, I'm interested in what was being mined here. When we get closer, I can examine it."

    With little need for stealth given the noise they've made, Axar begins to lead the group to the mining area, assisting Sully with spotting traps.

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    Even though the checking of traps was very slow and tedious, and Axar seemed to be very little help, there are no traps found or triggered. When the group enters the large mining cavern, Axar notes that whatever dug this passageway long ago, exited into this cavern. From the east and south, faint light emanates--there is also a cool breeze coming from both directions.

    Hildegard notes that the sock is to the SE about 100'--it has not moved from it's prior location.

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