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Thread: Chapter 50.1 The Cave of Doom, Maybe.

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    Sensing from Axar a preference to rest and heal, she looks at the party to choose whom to cast cure wounds upon, two castings.

    She sees that Walden and Althir seem least wounded.
    Axar and Zavros seem badly hurt but ever resistant.
    Ivar, Sully and herself are the most hurt and exhausted from being brought low.

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    Axar motions to the unconsious forms of Sully and Ivar and says, "Please heal them."

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    "I'm fine," states Zavros. "Heal Sully and Ivar. They're half-dead."

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    Healing both Sully and Ivar so that they are conscious and can move of their own accord, the group quietly moves back to the pool room and then into the wizard's lair, finally ending up in the south room and locks the door to rest.

    Nothing comes to bother them as they take a short rest.

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