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Thread: Chapter 49.75: Feed Your Wild Side

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    Default Chapter 49.75: Feed Your Wild Side

    OOC: Not sure the numbering. Please edit as needed.

    Bag of cornmeal in hand, Axar heads out the north side of town, not going further west. He finds a wooded clearing a short distance in and throws down some cornmeal on the ground. He kneels down on the earth and waits for some animals while preparing his ritual to speak with animals.

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    10 long minutes pass as Axar uses the power of his totem spirit to speak with animals. Looking about the only thing he see's are a few birds in the tree's nearby.

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    Axar begins speaking to them. He says, "Food here, friends. Plenty of food."

    He throws some more. He sits with his legs crossed and waits patiently for them to get something of value before peppering them with questions.

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    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(1d6) [1] sparrow drops down and starts nibbling at the cornmeal, "This tastes like shit," it says to Axar.
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    Axar seems perplexed by this. He says, "Sorry. This time of year, that's about all I could get, unless you have other ideas. The good news is that it's plentiful shit."

    He says, "Anything amiss in the woods friend? Mainly that direction?" He points to the west.

    OOC: I rolled a 13 earlier. If I haven't used it, that a 17 persuasion, or I'll roll again if needed.

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    "That a way?" the bird says as he cocks his head the way Axar points, "Just the usual, can't get laid for shit and it's mating season."

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    Axar shrugs. He says, "I know the feeling - trust me." He realizes he's discussing mating with a bird and changes the subject, "Anything else around here a threat to you? Like monster wise? In any direction?"

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    If a bird could shrug, he would, but instead he says, "Same shit, different day. Say, you got any worms? Grubs? Anything other than this dry powdery stuff?"

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    Axar shakes his head and says, "No, I don't. Our food choices are a bit different. Sorry, but good day to you." With nothing else he can think to offer the bird, he leaves the bag of food and heads back to the village.


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