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Thread: Chapter 8.49 Rhagmur

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    Hrothgar thinks that bribing the girls affections is clearly cheating. He sniffs rather amusedly, but decides not to burst Brandon's bubble by actually uttering such thoughts. He returns his attention instead to the music being played by Mava. Unconsciously his hands begin tapping a rhythm upon the table top that compliment the music. Its been years since he last played any of the drums back home, but its a bit like riding a bike.... if such things existed.
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    Brandon raises his mug, “To new allies!”

    Then he leans in and whispers in Silvart’s ear, “And perhaps more...”
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    Vort couldn't believe what happened, but kept his mouth shut, since Brandon was no longer evil--as evidenced by his white robes, and gave a half-hearted raise of his mug. That was the most expensive kiss he had ever seen.

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    While Hrothgar and Mava get cozy, Brandon and Silvart do the same. Eventually, Silvart's mother interrupts things with a stern glance at her daughter, putting a slight damper on what was originally shaping up to be a damn fine night for Brandon, although with a hefty price tag to go with it.

    Eventually Silvart departs in a rush to buy some supplies before the group departs the next morning. The rest of the group wander out, except for Mava and Hrothgar who get cozy for several hours, swapping tales of Hrothgar's battle prowess with Mava's fascinating tales of lore. Whether it's true or not, Mava spins wild tales about the famed vault of Windale, a magically sealed vault that was once believed to hold many of the lands greatest treasures. It was hard not to be fascinated by an attractive bard that can spin tales, perhaps even fictional ones, into something mesmerizing.

    While Hrothgar was hopeful for some extracurricular activities with Mava, she politely declines. With as smile she covertly removes her undershirt from her outerwear. While not quite a bra, she had been wearing it to enhance her assets. With one last kiss she drags it across the plainsman's face before depositing it in his lap. With one quick kiss, she smiles and departs, leaving the plainsman with a memento and a smile on his face despite the lack of immediate action.

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