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Thread: Chapter 8.49 Rhagmur

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    Kalthanar says dejectedly, "I meant Ult and Velkyn. That is dire news indeed."

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    As the group dines at the Broken Anchor, several visitors enter. Silvart, who splits time between spending time with Brandon and waiting tables, introduces them.

    The older man in his 50s leads a small group that sits at the table next to the Sentinels. He wears his plate armor with pride even when few wear armor around the city. The armor has numerous gaps and dents in it, but looks fairly functional and well cared for. A crest of a lion and dragon fighting adorn the chest piece. Silvart introduces him as Boden, leader of the group calling themselves "Pride of the Past".

    Also in the group is a wood elf female named Faral who carries a short sword and a short bow. She nods to the group and smiles at her introduction, but clearly feels uncomfortable in the tavern. A small wiry kid with red hair and freckles nods to the group. He looks no older than 16, is only 5 feet tall, and is clearly less than 100 lb. He seems very inquisitive but refrains from being too outgoing due to Boden's more stoic demeanor. A cloaked figure sits with them. He briefly peels his cloak back sligthly to reveal himself as Velkyn before covering up again. Lastly a dark skinned girl in her 30s beams at seeing the group. She has a mandolin on her back and sits as close to the group as she can. She introduces herself as Mava "The Magnificent".

    Silvart bites her lip a bit as she states, "Boden is leading a group on an adventure next week, and I'll be joining them." Boden nods his approval but says nothing else.

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    Kalthanar nods to the wood elf and addresses her in their native tongue, “Well met. It has been some time since I have been to Etoile. What news from the forest?”

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    Faral replies to Kalthanar. He accent is thickly wood elven as if she doesn't interact or talk with high elves very much. She replies, "Etoile is okay, but the road to get here is becoming much more challenging. Blight comes from the Deorad Tower. My path here was far to the south to avoid it, but it is passable. King Gladius has pulled back the rangers and druids, while the clerics and magi come up with a plan. As is the way of our people, life is precious, and he would rather think on it a long time than make a hasty decision and endanger lives needlessly."

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    Vort gives a nod to Velkyn and leans forward to the rest of the Pride of the Past, "I'm Vortigern, resident cleric of Reorx here of the Sentinels," hitching a thumb at his group. "Any of you heard anything, anything, about what's going on in Rhagmur right now?"
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    The group looks at each other and can only shake their head negative. Boden says, “We don’t see a lot of dwarves here. I can’t say that we know anything. Xanthar as a whole is cut off, but seems relatively safe. We are the largest city on Therris, and there is some security in that, but someone has to have some really big balls to cut off a city this size. To me that doesn’t bode well. Given what little Faral has said about Etoile, it seems the whole world gone to shit.”

    Boden says, “I’m right sorry about whatever is befallen Rhagmur, whatever it is. You’re obviously worried. I assembled this group to try to help fix things. From what little Velkyn has said about your exploits, if half of it is true, it’s… inspiring. We’re going to cut our teeth on something smaller, but our goals are similar. Perhaps we’ll get to Rhagmur soon, but it’s hard to think that far ahead with a world in this much need of help.”

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    Vort nodded, and the look of disappointment was on his face, but he had clarity of vision and knew what actions he needed to take and luckily the rest of the group was with him. "Say, there's a ogre fort east of here that's blocking the trade route to Xanthar. I think it's going to be really deadly, but if you're looking for some action, well, that's where we're heading."
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    Hrothgar disappointed at the no-show from Vellona.... still wistfully hoping to spot those shapely calves in the crowd, is for the time being pleasantly diverted by the smiling, vivacious Mava.

    At her announcement of 'the magnificent' Hrothgar can only drawl back in response "I'm sure you are." He makes room near him and pats the seat as if to invite her to come even more closer.

    Vellona's loss might very well be Mava's gain. At least as far as he is concerned.
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    Kalthanar smiles, "Yes, we have to evict some orcs and ogres. We could certainly use the help."

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