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    Gathered together at the Broken Anchor once more, Vort starts in immediately. He was battered and bruised from fighting in the pits, but his spirit seemed broken from something else. "I've been sending a number of Sendings to my family and also the King in Rhagmur. Something awful is going on there. My brother is dead." There was a pause in his voice and demeanor--not much ever got to Vort, but this did. "My father yet lives and my mother I do not know, since both are now hearing voices to open the door to their abode. The gates to Rhagmur are also closed and the King is dead." Sighing deeply, "My first impulse is to rush to Rhagmur and see how I can help, but I am not strong enough and this will require power greater than I to sort this all out. I doubt I could help in any manner appreciable, except--it occurs to me if we were to bring back Reorx, that may turn the tide in Rhagmur. I have the location of one of his god items and I request that after this ogre fort is dealt with, we head there immediately. It would be a straight journey north from the fort, or thereabouts. Even now I'd like to go as soon as possible, but if we can help Alliance in a matter of days, then I can delay, but I need this to happen sooner than later. What do you think?"

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    "Can you be more specific than a straight journey north?" asks Kalthanar.

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    "I have a map," Vort says, "so I'm guesstimating it about as far north in the mountains as it is east to Alliance."

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    "And this map leads to a castle or a cave or what exactly?" replies Kalthanar.

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    "Well I'd rather not explain too much right here," Vort says, "it is a secret location."

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    "Is this Gavant?" wonders Kalthanar.

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    Faral replies to Kalthanar. He accent is thickly wood elven as if she doesn't interact or talk with high elves very much. She replies, "Etoile is okay, but the road to get here is becoming much more challenging. Blight comes from the Deorad Tower. My path here was far to the south to avoid it, but it is passable. King Gladius has pulled back the rangers and druids, while the clerics and magi come up with a plan. As is the way of our people, life is precious, and he would rather think on it a long time than make a hasty decision and endanger lives needlessly."

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    Vort gives a nod to Velkyn and leans forward to the rest of the Pride of the Past, "I'm Vortigern, resident cleric of Reorx here of the Sentinels," hitching a thumb at his group. "Any of you heard anything, anything, about what's going on in Rhagmur right now?"
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    The group looks at each other and can only shake their head negative. Boden says, “We don’t see a lot of dwarves here. I can’t say that we know anything. Xanthar as a whole is cut off, but seems relatively safe. We are the largest city on Therris, and there is some security in that, but someone has to have some really big balls to cut off a city this size. To me that doesn’t bode well. Given what little Faral has said about Etoile, it seems the whole world gone to shit.”

    Boden says, “I’m right sorry about whatever is befallen Rhagmur, whatever it is. You’re obviously worried. I assembled this group to try to help fix things. From what little Velkyn has said about your exploits, if half of it is true, it’s… inspiring. We’re going to cut our teeth on something smaller, but our goals are similar. Perhaps we’ll get to Rhagmur soon, but it’s hard to think that far ahead with a world in this much need of help.”


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