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Thread: Chapter 49.4 Office of the Mayor

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    Althir shook his head, "Not jerky...oh what did he call it? Prosciutto. Axar will tell you." The fendari pointed to the dwarro, "Melt in your mouth good."

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    "Yes. Yes, I've bought some of his Prosciutto, it's wonderful stuff." There was a slight lull before he continued, "Well, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to work. I'll let the mayor know you were here and will be in the area."

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    Althir can tell the clerk wants them to leave. "I guess we'll head over to Brandy's to get rooms. Thank you for your time."

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    As he moves towards the door, Cormack checks the layout behind the desk, specifically checking to see if the doors have any gaps and the walls go all the way to the ceiling... say one a weasel could get under or over.

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    Cormack is fairly certain it would be impossible for a weasel to get through any gaps in the woodwork--he would have to be a small insect for such a thing to be possible.

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    Axar takes the assurance that they will be called with needed from the Mayor and leaves. At least he tried to help. He decides to give into his initial urge and heads to the tavern for an ale.

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