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Thread: Chapter 49.2 Brightwater

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    Cormack looks around at the little town. Old feelings echo in his stomach, memories of the farm on which he was raised. His great-great-grandfather might have lived in this town or one like it; he'd never done the research, but he knew that his ancestor, the one for which he was named, was from somewhere near Jasrel.

    The fact he did not know exactly from where made him remember just how disconnected he'd become from his family. Maybe from the world, too, despite having just helped shape it's politics.

    Looking at those going to the shop and deciding he wasn't in the mood to look for much of anything, he followed after Althir and hitched his horse up next to his. He, too, made sure his company badge, as well as his caster's license pin, were visible. He pulled his staff from his saddle and followed after Althir.

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    Zavros steps beside Althir, "I'm coming with you."

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    With Sully busy at the bank, Axar tethers his horse and debates going into the Salty Dog. He almost does, but figures the group would probably go there later. He knows little of Loewin, Brightwater, or anyone here. Most of the Loewin he met though were decent folk: Johnny, Sully, and those that visited the Moonlit Cove. With little else he could do, he opts to follow the others to the manor house.

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